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Nutan is AFK Gaming's source for everything from Twitch to the Twitterati. Her focus lies in distilling esports content from around the world. As the former captain of Girlaxy India, she brings an experienced eye in analysing the League of Legends scene.

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What Is The Stopwatch Meta in League of Legends?

16 hours ago
The Zhonya's Hourglass/Stopwatch combo is quite popular even in pro play.

PMGC 2021: Schedule, Format and All We Know So Far

17 hours ago
PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021 has a massive prize pool of USD$ 6,000,000. 

Flame Horizon in League of Legends: What Does it Mean? Where Did It Originate?

5 days ago
Lee "Flame" Ho-jong was known for his top lane domination and earned the namesake of Flame Horizon in League of Legends.

What Does Hopium Mean in Twitch Chat and Where Did It Originate?

5 days ago
Hopium is used to denote the sense of false hope one has for a team or player, unburdened by realistic expectations. 

Call of Duty Warzone & Vanguard RICOCHET Anti-Cheat: Release Date and Details

9 days ago
Activision is making great strides to weed out cheaters and provide safety and privacy for Call of Duty Warzone & Vanguard with the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat.

How to Check Apex Legends Map Rotation

9 days ago
This is the firs time Apex Legends map rotation has included all three maps since Olympus' release.

How to Find Out the Number of Apex Legends Packs You’ve Opened

9 days ago
Heirlooms are some of the most sought after cosmetic items in the game. 

How To Hide Account Level In Valorant

10 days ago
To level up your Valorant account will need to get Account Points (AP) which you can earn by playing any of the game modes. 

Valorant Discord 404 Error: How To Fix

14 days ago
Players are encountering the Discord 404 error while trying to play several games like Valorant and Fortnite. 

How to Claim Amazon Prime Gaming Apex Legends Rewards for October 2021

15 days ago
It's Wattson's turn to get a Prime Gaming Apex Legends skin this month.

100 Thieves Signs New Competitive Apex Legends Roster

15 days ago
100 Thieves has officially returned to the competitive Apex Legends scene.

Best Phantom Skins for Valorant in October 2021

16 days ago
Singularity Phantom is one of the Best Phantom Skins for Valorant in October 2021

BGMI Mega Modes: All That We Know So Far

16 days ago
Currently there are three BGMI Mega Modes available to download and play in the game.

BGMI Redeem Codes and Redemption Centre Link Are Not Live Yet

a month ago
BGMI does not currently have a redemption centre set up.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Test Goes Live in Latin America

a month ago
Apex Legends Mobile's beta test is live in Latin America.

Pokémon UNITE Mobile Version Releases on iOS and Android

a month ago
Pokémon UNITE Mobile will go live for Android and iOS users today at 07:00 AM UTC (3:00 PM SGT).

Valorant Go! Vol. 2 Weapon Skins Bundle Revealed

a month ago
Valorant Go! Vol. 2 is set to release soon in the Valorant in-game store.

Top 5 Best Gun Skins in BGMI for September 2021

a month ago
Some of the best gun skins in BGMI are upgradable to add more effects. 

Apex Legends Season 11 Expected Start Date

a month ago
Apex Legends Season 11 start date is likely in November, subject to changes by Respawn Entertainment. 

How to Contact Valorant Player Support

2 months ago
Riot Games has set up a good system for Valorant player support.