How to Activate and Redirect E-710 Pumps in Helldivers 2

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Here is how to activate and redirect E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2.</p></div>
Here is how to activate and redirect E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2.


Players seem to be running into issues while completing the mission titled, 'Activate E-710 Pumps'.
Completing the mission requires players to go through steps like finding the terminals and opening the pump valves.
Here is how to activate and redirect E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has several objectives to complete, with some like the one involving activating and redirecting E-710 pumps leaving players puzzled. While it may seem straightforward, there is little instruction in the game as to how to get it done. Activating and redirecting E-710 pumps is a Terminid-exclusive mission that requires players to restart pumps on sites that have stopped extracting the sought-after E-710. Here is how to activate and redirect E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2.

How to activate and redirect E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2

E-710 is a fossil fuel featured in the game which helps Super Earth get an edge in the ongoing war against Terminids and Automatons. It is a crucial resource whose flow shouldn’t be interrupted. The process of activating the pumps is a unique mechanic in Helldivers 2, and is what seems to be tripping up most players. 

Players will see the mission on the central console titled, “Activate E-710 Pumps”. The mission brief reads, “The extractors over this massive repository of E-710 have ceased functioning and must be re-activated”. The location for the mission will be marked with a hexagonal, orange mission map icon featuring a fuel container with a droplet on it.

The console can be used to see where the player can find the pumping station on the map and&nbsp;activate and redirect E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2.

Choose a spawn point close to the objective marker and then make your way towards the pump station. Look for the terminal and activate it.

You will have to locate the terminal at the pumping station and access it.

You’ll have to first go through a Konami code-style prompt to access the terminal. Everything on the terminal can be controlled with the WASD keys if you’re on PC.

You can take out the overhead lights if they put too much of a glare on the terminal screen.

After this, you’ll have to play through one of several mini-games which include a radar mini-game or connect-the-dots style puzzle which requires connecting pipes. You’ll need to connect the pipes from the ‘E-710 Outflow’ to the ‘Transfer Station’ so you’ll need to reroute the flow and open some valves. 

Complete either a radar mini-game or a connect-the-dots style puzzle to activate the E-710 pumps in Helldivers 2.

If you have trouble looking at the screen through the light’s glare, you can take out the overhead light. Once this step is done you’ll need to manually adjust the valves to open the blockages.

Clear the blockages by opening up the valves located around the pumping station.

Look around for the valves around the pumping station and turn them to the right. You’ll be prompted with the appropriate keys once you get close to a valve. If you have trouble locating the valves, look in the places with bright orange lights. Some valves may be blocked by debris which you’ll need to shoot off to access. 

Once you adjust the valves, you will complete the activate and redirect E-710 pumps missions in Helldivers 2.

Once all the valves are opened, you can head back to the terminal and use it to ‘Activate Pumps’. Wait for the pumps to activate and when the loading bar reaches 100% the mission is complete. 

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