Here is how to do Bellingham Celebration in EA FC 24.


How to Do Bellingham Celebration in EA FC 24

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Jude Bellingham's signature celebration has made its way to EA FC 24.
You can do the celebration in the game by picking Bellingham on your team.
Here is how to do the Bellingham Celebration EA FC 24.

Jude Bellingham’s celebration has finally made its way into EA FC 24. The Real Madrid star's iconic celebration where he runs over to the crowd and holds his arms out has been added to the game in the latest patch. The Brit scored big in La Liga this season, giving fans several opportunities to see him do it. EA FC 24 players have been waiting for a chance to replicate it in game and the developer obliged, adding it to the latest Spring Update in the game. Here is how to do the Bellingham Celebration in EA FC 24. 

How to do Bellingham Celebration in EA FC 24

You’ll need to have Bellingham in your team to be able to perform this celebration. Unfortunately, no other players in EA FC 24 can currently do this. Once you have him on board, you’ll also need to score a goal with him so make sure he’s in any of the forward positions. Here is how to do Bellingham Celebration EA FC 24:

Once you score a goal with Bellingham, run off to either side of the goalposts. 

Press right-click with your mouse or press X or A on your controller with Jude Bellingham and he’ll perform his signature celebration. 

EA FC 24 Spring Update 2024

The EA FC 24 Spring Update adds 86 new star heads, and refreshes the gameplay experience through PlayStyle tuning and Legendary CPU AI difficulty adjustments. Also, the developer added in some new animations based on volumetric data captured from the UCL Group Stage. Here are all the changes made in the game:


Playstyles Tuning

When it comes to PlayStyles and PlayStyles+, EA want to maintain a strategic difference between them, making several tuning changes. Slightly adjusted the PlayStyles below:

  • Tiki Taka | Lowered accuracy and pass quality of first-time passes.

  • Pinged Pass | Decreased accuracy of Driven Passes.

  • Pinged Pass+ | Increased accuracy of Driven Passes.

  • Jockey | Reduced maximum possible Sprint Jockey speed.

  • Press Proven | Reduced shield effectiveness with the ball.

  • Press Proven+ | Increased shield effectiveness, and increased Strength Attribute effectiveness while shielding.

  • Long Ball Pass and Long Ball Pass+ | Decreased accuracy of crosses.

  • Power Header | Increased ball speed from lower powered headers.

  • Dead Ball | Reduced set piece preview line length.

Significantly adjusted the PlayStyles below:

  • Power Header+ | Reduced ball speed for medium to high powered headers.

  • Relentless and Relentless+ | Reduced amount of half time and extra time stamina recovery.

  • Aerial+ | Reduced the amount of added running jump height, this includes jogging jump height as well.

  • Power Shot and Power Shot+ | Reduced ball speed from Power Shots.

CPU AI Changes

The Spring Update brings changes to Legendary CPU AI difficulty, intending to offer a fresh experience when playing this challenging level of opponent. 

  • Adjusted Legendary difficulty CPU AI behaviour.

  • Legendary AI teams known for tiki taka play are less likely to focus on that style of play when near the opponent’s penalty area.

  • CPU AI players are more likely to perform shot types based on their respective PlayStyles, when applicable.

  • Players with lower Composure Attributes are more likely to make mistakes when pressed.

  • When defending against Legendary CPU AI, players can now have more time to react and effectively anticipate the CPU AI’s moves. 

Several changes are aimed at creating more differentiation between matches. This includes differences in attacking tendencies between teams and the way they respond to pressure. These changes can make the match to match experience feel more unique while offering a satisfying challenge. 

New Animations Based On Volumetric Data

EA FC 24 brought HyperMotionV and full team volumetric data, an advanced gameplay technology that creates true-to-football animations using capture of player movement from real-life competitive matches.

For the first time post-launch, Title Update #11 brings the addition of several new animations based on volumetric data captured from the real matches in the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. These animations are designed to make the game look and feel true-to-life.

New Skill Move

Vinícius Jr. is one of the most spectacular and creative players out there in the world of football today. His offensive creativity always puts a lot of pressure on opponents. 

In Title Update #11 the developers are adding a new skill move based on capture from Vinícius Jr. in real-life matches, the Idle Stepover. This Skill Move variation will be available exclusively to players with the Trickster PlayStyle. 

You can access the new skill move by pressing L2+R2 || LT+RT while standing. The previous Trickster Skill Move with this input has been moved to L1+L2+R2 || LB+LT+RT.

This new Skill Move is cancelable at any point and can be linked into all Standing Skill Moves.

New Clearance Animation

Finally, on the defensive side, the developers are adding a new clearance animation based on a defensive highlight from the 2024 UCL match between Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain. This animation is now in the game and can shine in goal line save situations.

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