Here is all you need to know about Three Strikes Coming Back To Apex Legends.


Three Strikes Coming Back To Apex Legends: All You Need To Know

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Three Strikes is coming back to Apex Legends during the Urban Assault Collection event.
This time around, the LTM will include a twist.
Here is all you need to know about Three Strikes Coming Back To Apex Legends.

Three Strikes is coming back to Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has decided to bring back the limited-time mode (LTM) by popular demand; with a twist. LTMs are recurring game modes in Apex Legends that are rotated out every few weeks. The Three Strikes mode first came with the Apex Legends Post Malone event and turned out to be quite popular among fans. While the collaboration event ended months ago, the LTM will be returning to the game during the Urban Assault Collection event. Here is all you need to know about Three Strikes coming back to Apex Legends. 

When will Three Strikes go live in Apex Legends Season 20?

Three Strikes is expected to go live with the start of the Urban Assault Collection event on 23rd April 2024. 

This time around, Three Strikes will debut in the Apex Rumble, an all-new asynchronous in-game tournament system. The tournament system allows you to test your skills against your competition while racking up points to climb the leaderboards against similarly skilled players. Points will be based on placement, kills, assists, and damage. Once an Apex Rumble has concluded, rewards will be delivered based on your overall placement. The first Apex Rumble will be the Urban Assault Rumble, which will incorporate the Three Strikes LTM matches. However, there will be no pre-made squads. Players will be able to re-enter the battlefield with Legend Tokens to reset your score.

Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection event

The collection event features 24 new limited-time cosmetics, with Legendary skins for Wraith, Loba, and Octane shall get a Prestige skin. 

Octane Prestige Skin progression.

All 24 items will be available in exchange for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals and in Urban Assault Event Apex Packs for the entire duration of the event.

Urban Assault Reward Tracker

Players will be able to earn up to 1,400 points per day to work towards various rewards along the Urban Assault tracker. Challenges will refresh daily, and all challenges also stack with the Battle Pass allowing you to complete multiple challenges at once.

Here are all the rewards you can earn in the Urban Assault Reward Tracker.

The Three Strikes LTM adds a lot more fast-paced action to each Apex match. Players are incentivized to pick more aggressive fights since making a mistake doesn’t send you directly to the lobby, at least for two additional tries. Players also don’t have to put in time finishing downed enemies, which adds to the quick pace. The mode allows players to spawn with their existing loot, which means less time wasted in looting; one of the less engaging mechanics of the game. 

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