Here is how to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley.


How to Find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley

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The Bookseller is the newest vendor in Stardew Valley 1.6.
You can purchase a variety of books from them which give you special powers, XP and quality-of-life improvements.
Here is how to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley.

The Bookseller in Stardew Valley is a new vendor introduced in update 1.6. Stardew Valley had previously introduced blue-colored books in the game as ‘Lost Books’ you could find around Pelican town which often provided helpful tips or added to the game’s lore. After the update, players can go to the Bookseller to pick up a number of Books which give players certain advantages like powers, XP, and quality-of-life updates like seeing sell prices. Some Books you can purchase include the Book Of Stars, Friendship 101, Mining Monthly and Stardew Valley Almanac. Each of these give you a unique benefit. Let’s look at how to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley. 

How to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley

The Bookseller will appear twice every season on random dates which are marked on the calendar. You will be able to purchase a random set of books from them each time. Players can also trade in their books here. You can check the calendar near Pierre's General Store next to the 'Help Wanted' board. You can also purchase a calendar from Robin at the Carpenter's Shop for 2,000 gold, which you can hang in your farmhouse. According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, you can find the Bookseller across the town's river, located above JojaMart.

You will find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley here.


Whenever the Bookseller is visiting, you will see a message saying "The Bookseller is in town today". The Bookseller is open all day.

List of Books you can buy from the Bookseller in Stardew Valley

According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, here is a list of Books you can purchase from the Bookseller: 

  • Bait And Bobber (5,000g) - Grants some fishing experience. 

  • Book Of Stars (15,000g) - Grants some experience in all skills.

  • Combat Quarterly (5,000g) - Grants some combat experience.

  • Friendship 101 (20,000g) - Helps become friends with NPCs faster.

  • Horse: The Book (25,000g) - Grants extra speed while riding the horse. 

  • Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Thick (20,000g) - Gain +1 Defense.

  • Mining Monthly (8,000g) - Gain some mining experience. 

  • Ol' Slitherlegs (25,000g) - Grants more speed as you run through grass and crops.

  • Price Catalogue (3,000g) - Allows you to see prices of your items.

  • Queen Of Sauce Cookbook (10,000g) - Learn Queen Of Sauce recipes you don’t yet know.

  • Stardew Valley Almanac (10,000g) - Gain farming experience.

  • Way Of The Wind pt. 1 (15,000g) - Let's you run a little bit faster.

  • Way Of The Wind pt. 2 (35,000g) - Let’s you run faster (only available if you purchase pt. 1)

  • Woodcutter's Weekly (8,000g) - Gain some foraging experience.

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