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Sadakshi is the newest addition to AFK Gaming. As a passionate gamer and an ardent League of Legends fan, she brings her journalism experience to the esports scenes of LoL and Valorant

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Top Indian Valorant Players Based on Stats

11 hours ago
Valorant players from India - ranked

Valorant Developers Test Out New Flash Changes on PBE

13 hours ago
Riot Games has introduced significant changes to the flashes of four agents in the current Valorant PBE cycle.

Carlos Rodriguez Steps Down as G2 Esports CEO After Andrew Tate Controversy

15 hours ago
G2 Esports announced the stepping down of Carlos Rodriguez as the company’s CEO.

Fnatic Upset & Hylissang Test Positive for COVID-19 Ahead of Worlds 2022

a day ago
Fnatic took to social media to update the community that its bot-lane duo Upset and Hyllisang had tested positive for COVID-19

League of Legends Worlds 2022 Pick'Em, Crystal Ball & Other Rewards Explained

2 days ago
Pick'Em is back for Worlds 2022 with new rewards and features. Pick'Em will allow players to lock in predictions and reap rewards for correct guesses and participation.

Celebrities Who Play Valorant

2 days ago
Many celebrities play and stream Riot Games' FPS title Valorant

Cryocells Explains How Andrew Tate Blew up XSET Valorant's Chances of Joining G2 Esports

2 days ago
XSET Matthew “Cryocells” Panganiban also talked about how Carlos Rogriguez cost XSET a spot after partying with Andrew Tate and defending his actions

Easter Eggs in League of Legends Worlds 2022 Anthem: Star Walkin

2 days ago
All the pros, easter eggs and references in Worlds 2022 anthem : Star Walkin

Celebrities Who Own or Have Invested in Esports

2 days ago
There are many celebrities who have invested in esports brands

Zellsis Chimes in on Why OpTic & TSM Did Not Make It Into VCT 2023 Franchising

2 days ago
Version 1 Valorant player Zellsis talked about franchising and gave his opinions on why TSM and OpTic Gaming did not make the cut

The Big Brand Organizations That Did Not Make VCT 2023 Franchising

3 days ago
Big organizations not making VCT 2023 franchising raised a lot of eyebrows in the community.

Every Rolex Tells a Story: Shoot in Style in Valorant With the Rolex Crosshair

3 days ago
Funny Valorant crosshairs to use in Valorant unrated games for some laughs. This includes a creative Rolex crosshair

Worlds 2022 Play-in: Teams, Groups, Schedule & More

3 days ago
Worlds 2022 Play-in is the opening stage of Worlds 2022 where 12 teams compete in two groups.

VCT 2023: Riot Games Announces 30 Partnered Teams

3 days ago
Riot Games revealed the 30 teams that are participating in the VCT 2023 season.

5 Highest Earning Esports Players From India

3 days ago
These are the 5 Highest Earning Esports Players From India

What is Raf Strafe Movement in Apex Legends?

3 days ago
Raf Strafe technique in Apex Legends is fairly new and players are surprised by this movement technique 

Syndra, Master Yi, Tristana & More Sport New Look in Spirit Blossom Skinline

4 days ago
Spirit Blossom skins are one of the most aesthetically pleasing skin lines in League of Legends.

Riot Games Experiments With Syndra in the New Mid-Scope Update

4 days ago
Syndra is the latest League of Legends champion to receive a mid-scope update and Riot Games is pushing changes on the latest PBE cycle

Caedrel Talks About Fans’ Mentality Heading Into Worlds 2022

4 days ago
LEC caster Caedrel shared his Worlds 2022 tier list on his stream. He also talked about the fans who watch the tournament with a bias.

Janna VFX Changes Now Live on the League of Legends PBE

5 days ago
Janna is receiving a VFX update in LoL Patch 12.19 in League of Legends