Escape From Tarkov Lashes Out at Arena Breakout: Infinite for Plagiarism


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Escape From Tarkov Lashes Out at Arena Breakout: Infinite for Plagiarism

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Escape from Tarkov devs lash out at upcoming game Arena Breakout: Infinite for plagiarism.
This was seemingly because Arena Breakout: Infinite tried to capitalize on the anger of Tarkov fans over the newest 'Unheard Edition' bundle.

On 25th April, Battlestate Games unveiled its newest Unheard Edition bundle which has too many overpowered perks and benefits. This, however, angered and frustrated fans and players, especially those who had previously purchased the Edge of Darkness edition before it became no longer available for purchase. While there was a lot of backlash on social media, especially Twitter, Arena Breakout: Infinite tried to seemingly capitalize on Unheard Edition's attention and market the game. However, this did not bode well with Battlestate Games as it called out the upcoming game of Arena Breakout: Infinite for plagiarism.

Battlestate Games Lashes Out At Arena Breakout: Infinite

On 25th April, Arena Breakout Infinite (ABI) wrote on Twitter, "Taking in all homeless shooter looter! With a big wave goodbye to #Tarkov today, we’re here to welcome you to #Kamona. If this video gets 5000 retweets, 10,000 more test slots will be added to our servers—don’t tell the boss! Escape from ______, welcome to Kamona." This was a direct hit against Escape from Tarkov.

This was not received well by Battlestate Games as it wrote back in return, "Have a nice 20-minute adventure in the blatant plagiarist game. In and out." The developers did not even directly quote-tweet ABI but instead chose to use a screenshot of the original tweet, likely in an attempt to not give impressions.

Funnily, the Twitter community notes feature added an important detail to Battlestate Game's tweet. The community notes said, "Video games cannot be sued for plagiarism for simply being a same or similar category or genre. BSG would need to prove that assets were taken from EFT and used directly in AB to begin legal claims of copyright infringement or plagiarism."

In another tweet, ABI mentioned that it hit its initial target of 5000 retweets on its first post and hence it expanded its test slots. It said, "Goal achieved, and the boss said yes! Thanks to your amazing support, we're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our test slots by 10,000! Plus, I'll be giving away 50 beta keys to random supporters in the comments. BTW, I, your favorite gen z basement guy, wasn't fired:)"

On 19th April, Arena Breakout: Infinite was announced by developer and publisher MoreFun Studios. This game is openly competing against the likes of Escape from Tarkov. Arena Breakout: Infinite is based on the award-winning ultra-real immersive military simulation franchise, said the developers. The game is all set to break out onto Steam and the official website soon.

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