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Escape from Tarkov Announces New Additions to EOD Bundle After Backlash

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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The Tarkov community did not take the news of the Unheard Edition very well.
Most players called out Battlestate Games for being "scummy"
After a day, now, Battlestate Games has announced additions to the Edge of Darkness bundle.

On 25th April, Battlestate Games unveiled its latest 'Unheard Edition' for Escape from Tarkov. This bundle is going to be replacing the Edge of Darkness one. While it offers way more than what the Edge of Darkness, it failed to impress its fanbase and players. Many players have pointed out how the new bundle is bordering on being a pay-to-win package which other players who cannot afford it will never access. Players also called out Battlestate Games for being "scummy" and how the new edition is a slap on the face of EOD owners.

Following this evident backlash, Battletstate Games released an update for the Edge of Darkness bundle. Here's all you need to know about it.

Edge of Darkness Escape from Tarkov: Latest Update

On 26th April, Battlestate took to Reddit to post an update to the Escape from Tarkov Edge of Darkness edition. It wrote, "Hello, Tarkov citizens! To honor the owners of the EOD version and their indelible importance and role in the EFT universe, we plan to add the following new unique features to the EOD edition."

The updates are as follows:

  • Faster return of insured items

  • Increased personal trader buying limits by 20%

  • Increased basic PMC karma (when it will be implemented)

  • Access to unique hideout craft

  • Increased basic charisma skill

  • Special quest line with increased pockets side as a reward

  • Ability to skip 2 daily quests per day free of charge

  • Unique dog tag

  • Unique armband

  • Unique set of clothing

  • Unique “Legacy” device

  • High priority matching for EOD owners for 6 months

  • Access to offline PVE for EOD owners for 6 months

While there is no official date for the addition of these features to the Edge of Darkness edition, Battlestate Games has promised to add them as soon as it can. The dev team added, "Temporary access to PVE will be provided as soon as we will reinforce server infrastructure of that particular gamemode for a wider audience, because we use totally different servers for that and now there is a really limited amount of them."

However, players are still seemingly mad at Battlestate Games. One Redditor commented on the thread, "This is just more pay to win stuff not what we wanted, stop adding random pay 2 win features, monetize your game cosmetically if you're bleeding funds. Your game is great stop ruining it." Another one added, "There are so many ways i would give this company more money: hideouts, voices, camos, clothing ... but no... "priority matching" is what we got.."

Players are not too pleased with this update as it gives them a taste of the Unheard Edition for six months, after which it will be snatched away from them, pushing them to purchase the newest bundle.

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