When Will Split Be Enabled Again in Valorant?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Valorant Split is currently disabled</p></div>

Valorant Split is currently disabled


Riot Games disabled the Split map after discovering that some agents could exploit an advantageous position near a bombsite.
Split was set to be featured in this week's Premier Matchmaking but it has now been replaced by Ascent.
Here's when Split could tentatively return to Valorant and its rotating map pool.

Just like any other online game, Valorant is prone to bugs and exploits. However, Riot Games pays close attention to the game and its active community and tries to instantly work on such exploits that crop up now and then. One of the newly discovered bugs was on the popular map Split. This exploit allowed players to boost up onto a ledge on A Site, giving them an unfair advantage and access to a restricted location.

However, Riot Games quickly realized the exploit and has disabled Split across different Valorant game modes including Swiftplay, Unrated, Competitive, Premier mode, and Spike Rush.

Riot Games noted that it is working on a fix. However, players are keen on knowing when Split will make a return. Here's all we know about Split's tentative return in Valorant.

Valorant Split Map Tentative Return

On 24th April, Riot Games took to Twitter to reveal two major bugs in Valorant. One was the exploit on Split map while the second was a glitch with Cypher's trapwire.

The exploit bug on Split allowed players to get access to a restricted spot on the map, giving them an unfair advantage. Meanwhile, the Cypher bug displayed his traps on teammates' minimap even after being destroyed. It should be noted that Cypher is not completely disabled from Valorant as Riot Games did not deem it to be that bad.

The Valorant team wrote, "Recently we’ve discovered two different bugs, one with Cypher’s Trapwire, which shows his Trapwires on the minimap of his teammates after he has died, and the other an exploit on Split...Until then, Cypher will still be available to play, but we will be removing Split from the Competitive, Unrated, Premier, Swiftplay, and Spike Rush map pools."

It added that Split has been replaced by Ascent in Premier mode for this week and that it will be removed from the map pick and ban process in the Premier Playoffs this coming weekend.

Players will be relieved to know that the developers are already working on these bugs in order to bring back Split into the game. Riot Games noted that it will be shipping an update for both Split and Cypher in Valorant Patch 8.08.

It should be noted that Patch 8.08 is likely to be big Act III update which will be rolled out on 30th April 2024.

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