Riot Games Disables Popular Valorant Map After Players Find Game-Breaking Bug


Riot Games Disables Popular Valorant Map After Players Find Game-Breaking Bug

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Valorant developers have stepped in and disabled the Split map after discovering that some agents could exploit an advantageous position near a bombsite.
Split was set to be featured in this week's Premier Matchmaking but will now be replaced by Ascent.

It's a known fact that Riot keeps a close eye on community forums and social media channels to ensure that Valorant is free from major problems. However, a few bugs sometimes slip through the cracks and plague the game. One of the newly discovered bugs on the popular map Split allowed players to boost up onto a ledge on A Site that wasn't previously allowed. This gave players access to a restricted location and a competitive advantage. However, Riot Games has quickly stepped in and disabled Split across Swiftplay, Unrated, Competitive, Unrated, Premier, and Spike Rush. The developers are already working on a fix, and players can soon expect Split's return once it's fixed in the upcoming update.

Split Bug Forces Riot Games to Disable the Map 

In a recent post on X, the Valorant team revealed two major bugs: an exploit on the Split map and a Cypher trapwire glitch. The Split bug allowed agents to get access to a restricted spot on the map, giving them an unfair advantage. The Cypher bug ended up displaying his traps on teammates' minimap even after being destroyed. However, Cypher's tripwire bug wasn't bad enough for Riot Games to altogether disable him as they've done with Split. 

The developers will be addressing these bugs with the upcoming Patch 8.0.8. However, we still don't have a release date for this update. Split was planned to be the map played for this week's Premier, so the developers have now switched it out with Ascent. Riot has also removed Split from the upcoming Premier Playoffs' map pick and ban process. 

How Was Split Map Bug Affecting The Game?

Popular agents with useful mobility options, such as Raze and Jett, were able to exploit the minor geometry bug near A Site on Split. By taking a jump from the Rafters, these agents could reach a small ledge on the right wall. This spot gave an unfair advantage, as players had a high ground to fire on the oncoming enemies. 

This exploit provided a massive advantage for defenders. Attackers coming to A main were completely exposed from an unexpected angle, making entry into the bombsite quite difficult. What's worse, even after taking control of the site, defenders could retake control by continuing to exploit the same ledge.

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