When Will Valorant Episode 8 Act III Start


When Does Valorant Episode 8 Act III Start?

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The ongoing Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 will conclude in less than a week along with which the battle pass will also come to an end.
Read on to find out when Episode 8 Act III will replace Episode 8 Act II.

The ongoing Valorant Episode 8 Act II was released on 5th March 2024 and was the second biggest update for Valorant this year. Act II of Valorant Episode 8 saw the introduction of new Controller agent hailing from Scotlant, UK: Clove. They were revealed during Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Madrid 2024 and were soon released in the game with a truly captivating and unique ability kit.

As usual, the ongoing Valorant Episode 8 Act II will conclude soon. There is only a few days before the second act comes to a close, following which Act III will be immediately rolled out. This article will delve into the start dates for Valorant Episode 8 Act III and what players can expect to see in it.

When Does Valorant Episode 8 Act II conclude? Start Dates for Valorant Episode 8 Act III

At this point, it is confirmed that Valorant Episode 8 Act III will be releasing soon on 30th April 2024. This is evident from the Act II battle pass countdown timer that we can see on the Valorant client. Act II will end on 30th April and soon after, the next Act will be launched by Riot Games. However, there will be a short maintenance period following which the game will download the newest patch. During this period, the game cannot be accessed by players.

As usual, Valorant Episode 8 Act III is expected to be rolled out around 2 pm PT/ 5 pm ET/ 10 pm BST. These times coincides with the launch of previous Acts in Valorant. But players should keep in mind that this schedule is tentative and is always subject to change if the publisher runs into unforeseen circumstances. The good news is that Riot Games will provide an update in the case that happens.

Valorant Episode 8 Act III: What's New?

With any new patch in Valorant, players can expect to see a shift in the current meta as the developers try to bring in Agents that are rarely played back into the action. Additionally, there will be roll outs of new cosmetics and skins as usual. Interestingly, in this upcoming Act, there are some major changes to Premier mode and also VCT Masters 2024 Shanghai will be played on this Act, although in a different patch as it is due only in May 2024.

While you are waiting for the release of the new Act, make sure to check out the April 2024 Night Market on the Valorant client. The April Night Market for Episode 8 Act 2 began on 10th April 2024, at different times depending on your region. It is scheduled to run for 20 days, ending on 29th April 2024, right before the launch of Episode 8 Act 3.

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