Does Palworld Have Crossplay?


Does Palworld Have Crossplay?

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Palworld is a vast, open-world multiplayer world that is filled with adorable yet deadly creatures.
Given its incredible multiplayer, many players wonder if Palworld is cross-play. Here's what you need to know.

Palworld, the new survival game dubbed “Pokémon with guns,” has become a viral hit that has caught everyone’s attention. With Pokémon being a Nintendo-exclusive franchise, it’s no surprise that gamers on other platforms are eager to capture and battle with adorable creatures in an open-world setting.  

While the game is available on Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, many players wonder if Palworld allows cross-play or cross-platform play between the Steam and Xbox Game Pass versions. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about Palworld’s Crossplay.

Does Palworld Allow Crossplay Between Steam and Xbox Game Pass?

Short Answer: No! While the game is available both on Xbox and PC, you might want to play the Xbox Game Pass version with someone on PC who has the Steam version. However, you can’t do that just yet. As of now, Palworld doesn’t support Crossplay or cross-platform, so if you’ve bought the game on PC through Steam, you’re going to be stuck playing with other PC players.

Does Palworld Have Crossplay?

We’ve seen some games, such as Baldur’s Gate 3, which has a system that allows you to sign up for an account with the publisher or developer. This allows you to bring your progress to different platforms. However, Palworld doesn’t support cross-platform progression either. Your progress will be tired to the platform you’re playing the game on, 

When is Palworld Getting Crossplay?

Although Crossplay is not available at launch, Palworld’s developer Pocket Pair intends to add Crossplay in a future update. Pocket Pair has not addressed this issue further, so we can only speculate “as soon as possible means.” If you’re looking to play Palworld with your friends right now, it’s crucial to make sure that you choose the same version.It’s also important to remember that the game is still in Early Access, so it could change quite significantly as it nears full release. Pocket Pair will surely add new monsters and regions to start.

So, the answer to whether Palworld allows Crossplay or cross-platform between Steam and Xbox Game Pass version is no, but it’s going to get it later. Be sure to follow us, as we’ll update you when Crossplay arrives in Palworld. 

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