Here is all you need to know about Foxparks in Palworld.



Palworld: Where to Find Foxparks

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Foxparks are fire-based Pals commonly found around the Palpagos Islands.
Foxparks are great for Kindling and as a flamethrower weapon.
Here is all you need to know about Foxparks in Palworld.

In Palworld, players have over a hundred Pals to find, with each Pal bringing a unique Pal Skill to your base. Foxparks are great in combat but also for cooking, smelting ore and doing other smithing tasks. Their fire attacks deal burn damage even at a distance. Foxparks also have a unique use if you lift them. Here is all you need to know about Foxparks, where to find them and the different ways you can use these pals in Palworld. 

Foxparks in Palworld

Foxpark is a Fire element Pal. They will drop Leather and Flame Organs. Foxparks resemble small orange foxes with their tails on fire. Their Pal Skill makes them great for kindling and Huggy Fire can be used as a flamethrower if you lift the Foxparks.

You can lift Foxparks as a flamethrower if you pick them up.


A Foxparks will always have level 1 kindling, allowing it to cook food automatically at campfires and use its flaming breath to fuel furnaces. Kindling will activate automatically when a Pal with the ability approaches an object that requires kindling (like a campfire with food queued up), they may not always start a kindling activity on their own. You sometimes need to lift the Foxparks and bring them to your furnace or fire to get the process started. 

Note that players must first craft a Foxparks Harness before they can use this skill. This can be unlocked in the Paldeck's technology tab at level 6 for a single technology point. You will need to craft it using 3 x Leather, 5 x Flame organs, and 5 x Paldium Fragments, players can use Foxparks' Flamethrower skill whenever Foxparks is in battle.

You can craft a Foxparks' Harness to pick it up and use it as a flamethrower.


Where to Find Foxparks in Palworld

Foxparks can be located near one of the game's initial locations. You can find them around the Rayne Syndicate Tower. The Plateau of Beginnings fast travel point at the ruins is where players should go. Make your way past the Expedition Survivor at their campsite and explore the hills below. However, try to stay away from the level 35 Mammorest that prowls around. Foxparks can be found near the waterfall, just to the left of the river which flows away from the ruins.

Foxparks are commonly found in the world of Palworld.


Foxpark is a low level pal (usually level 4) and can easily be weakened and captured using the Pal Sphere. Though if you don’t want to get burned, try to dodge its fire attacks all the same.The best place to look is near the second fast-travel point and around the giant Mammoset. A good tip for successfully capturing Foxparks, especially around Mammosets is to wait for night. Sleeping Foxparks are easier to capture and there is a lower chance of alerting the Mammoset. A few basic hits from a Pal at a similar level, or two arrows from your own archery set, should weaken Foxparks enough for you to capture it.

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