Here’s a Complete List of All Palworld Jobs


Here’s a Complete List of All Palworld Jobs

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Palworld is an open-world game that combines elements of Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and survival games.
Each Pal in the game has unique characteristics, abilities, and attributes. Here's a complete list of all Palworld jobs.

One of the best things you can do in Palworld is assign your Pals on your base to help you produce resources and create better equipment. However, one single Pal can only be assigned to some specific tasks. Your Pal's job will depend on their elemental type and body shape. In this article, we'll reveal everything you need to know about all Palworld jobs.

All Palworld Jobs and Work Suitability Types 

If you’re hopping into Palworld for the first time, you can be confused looking at all Work Suitability types. Certain Pal types can do certain jobs at your base, but only ones they’re good at. If you check your Paldeck, you can see each Pal type, and there are one or a few different Work Suitabilities icons highlighted. They have a level from one to four, which will inform you how efficient they are at certain jobs. 

Here’s a list of all Pal Work suitability in Palworld- 


The Kindling icon is only given Fire-type Pals. These pals can do any job that requires generating heat, like smelting and cooking.


The planting icon indicates that the Pal can work any field, planting seeds of any crop you are producing in your base. Mostly, grass types have this ability.


The Handiwork icon is given to any Pals with arms, allowing them to help you produce goods on the crafting station.


The lumbering icon means Pals can cut down trees and work on the logging sites. A wide range of Pals have this ability, from Grass-type to Pals with horns.

Here’s a Complete List of All Palworld Jobs

Medicine Production

The medicine production icon is available to grass types. It’s a job that lets Pals work at a Medicine Station. From what we’ve seen, this station can’t produce healing items, but you can create certain things like sprains and colds, which can relieve you.


Pals with a Transporting Icon can move any produced goods to the right storage space. 


Pals with a Watering icon can water all your crops for you. Additionally, they can power stations such as The Crusher, which requires a Water-type Pal to power the wheel. Most Water-type Pals will have this skill.

Generating Electricity

If you have a contraption that needs electricity to run, you’ll require a Pal with Generating Electricity icon. Electric-type Pals can only do this, but most of such builds will be unlocked much later in the game.


Pals with a Gathering icon can harvest crops whenever they’re produced, allowing a new round to be easily planted. 


Mining allows certain Pals to work at places such as Stone Pit at your base. With this, Pals will slowly mine stones for you.


Ice-type Pals can do the cooling job, keeping fridges cool. Later, you’ll be able to unlock them, allowing you to keep food fresh for much longer. 


Farming Pals allow you to interact with the Ranch at your base. Using the Ranch will allow Pals to produce products such as milk, wool, and much more. 

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