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Best Starter Pals in Palworld: What Should You Pick

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Unlike Pokemon games, you have to go out in the wild and capture your first starter Pal in Palworld.
Foxsparks and Daedream are arguably two of the best starter Pals that you should look out for.

When you start your journey in Palworld, it is important to pick the right starter Pals to ensure you can tackle the early game with ease. Unlike Pokemon games, you have to capture your first Pal. There are some standout early game options so if you are wondering what the best starter Pals in Palworld are, here are our picks.

Top 5 Starter Pals in Palworld


  • Fire-type with robust stats.

  • Unlocks flamethrower mode for potent damage.

  • Adorable and capable of performing the Kindling job.

If you picked Charmander as your starter in Pokemon games, Foxsparks will make you feel right at home. This Fire-type Pal is a versatile pick for any new trainer.


  • Possesses a gear that allows it to stay alongside you, even when another Pal is summoned.

  • Provides a substantial DPS boost to your Party.

  • Found primarily at night and is great for night time exploration.

Daedream - Palworld

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  • Dark-type Owl Pal, active mainly at night.

  • Early access to the powerful Dark Ball ability.

  • A formidable choice for the early stages of the game.


  • Encountered at level 11, found in mountain regions.

  • Strong attacks and the ability to be ridden early on.

  • Offers swift traversal and enhanced exploration capabilities.

Direhowl - Palworld

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  • The first Flying Pal you can capture.

  • Unlocks the ability to fly, enabling exploration of vertical regions.

  • A valuable investment at level 17 for expanded travel options.

These are just five of the best Pals that you can get for your playthrough. While they make the early game experience a lot better, you should capture Pals that you think you will enjoy using.

How to Capture Your First Pal in Palworld

If you want to capture your first Pal in Palworld, you need to get Pal Spheres.

What You Need:

  1. A Primitive Workbench or higher to craft Pal Spheres.

  2. 1 Paldium Fragment, 3 Wood, and 3 Stone. You can find these resources exploring the world, mining, or chopping down trees.

  3. Sphere Recipes

Capturing Pals:

  1. Weaken the Pal: Significantly reduce the Pal's HP to enhance your capture chances. You want to lower their HP but you should not knock them down.

Aim and Throw: Equip the crafted Pal Sphere and press the designated button while aiming at the weakened Pal. The capture chance percentage, derived from the Pal's health and the Sphere's strength, will be displayed.

If the percentage chance is favorable and your throw is accurate, the Pal will be successfully captured and added to your party (or the Pal Box if it's full). On the contrary, if the percentage is unfavorable, the Sphere breaks, and the Pal escapes.

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