How to Ride Pals in Palworld


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How to Ride Pals in Palworld

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Pals can function as mounts in Palworld and allow you to traverse the land, air and water efficiently.
Currently, there are ten Pals in Palworld that you can use to traverse the game world.

Palworld’s open world is massive and if you do not want to spend hours traversing every play session, you should consider getting a mount. Palworld allows you to ride Pals and save time. The game offers tons of ways to explore the world and you can use your Pals to run, fly or swim and take you along for a ride. Our guide will go over every Pal you can mount, the game’s riding mechanics, and more.

Which Pals Can You Ride in Palworld?

  • Rushoar

  • Melpaca

  • Direhowl

  • Eikthyrdeer

  • Grintale

  • Chillet

  • Nightwing

  • Dinossom

  • Vanwyrm

  • Kingpaca

Melpaca - Palworld

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Melpaca is one of the first Pals you can capture in the game and use one as a mount very early in the game. We recommend capturing one and crafting a basic Saddle for it as early as possible in your playthrough.

How to Unlock Pal Riding in Palworld 

The journey to ride Pals begins with capturing one. Once you've captured a Pal, navigate to the Technology tree where an 'unknown' entry will reveal itself as the Pal's gear. Invest Technology Points to unlock this gear, then craft it at a Gear Crafting Table, which you'll need to unlock and build. Once crafted, this gear enables you to ride any Pal of that specific type.

Once you have the Pal's gear unlocked, follow these steps to ride your Pal:

  • Add to Party: Include the Pal in your Party.

  • Summon: Hold the skill button to call the Pal to you.

  • Ride: Begin riding by holding the skill button.

There are three types of Pals that you can ride: 

  • Land Running Pals: Traverse land at various speeds.

  • Flying Pals: Ascend, descend, and move using your stamina as a resource.

  • Gliding Pals: Move across land and water at varying speeds. The Pal you choose greatly affects your movement speeds.

Running Pals consume stamina while sprinting; Flying Pals consume stamina for all actions. While riding, manually control your Pal's abilities, displayed with corresponding keys at the bottom of the screen.

How Does Pal Riding Work

While mounted on Running Pals, using the sprint button will deplete their Stamina. Conversely, Flying types will consume Stamina for various actions, such as movement, ascending, and utilizing abilities. Notably, riders have manual control over their Pal's abilities during the ride, enhancing gameplay dynamics.

When in the saddle, the keys corresponding to each ability are displayed near the skill button at the screen's bottom. Riders can utilize all three abilities, each subject to its cooldown time. Moreover, while riding, players retain access to weapons and can interact with and pick up objects in their proximity.

Drowning is not a concern when riding a Flying Pal, as it hovers over the water surface. Additionally, riders have the flexibility to dismount at any height. In contrast, Land Pals face damage when attempting to swim at 0 Stamina, so you need to manage your stamina levels at all times.

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