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Where to Find Loupmoon in Palworld: Location and Skills

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In Palworld, Loupmoon is one of the best pals to have in your party as you traverse the Palpagos Islands. Loupmoon stands out as a rare and formidable Pal, ideal for those looking to add some oomph to their combat strength. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pal, including where to find it, its skills, and what it drops upon defeat.

Loupmoon Appearance

Loupmoon boasts a striking appearance, standing tall and slender with a distinctly humanoid silhouette. Its body is cloaked in a sleek black fur, contrasted by distinctive patches of white fur adorning its chest and the tip of its tail. Adding to its enigmatic allure are the crescent moon-shaped horns that crown its head, imbuing Loupmoon with an air of mystique.

Loupmoon in Palworld

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Loupmoon: Location and Habitat

To find a Loupmoon, trainers should venture out at night to two primary locations:

Bamboo Groves: Located west of the Ravine Entrance waypoint, this area becomes the prowling grounds for Loupmoon under the cover of darkness.

Broncherry Area: East of Ascetic Falls waypoint, this region is another habitat where Loupmoon can be found roaming, especially after dusk.

Loupmoon typically appears at Level 15, so ensure you're sufficiently leveled and equipped with the appropriate weapons before attempting to approach or capture this elusive Pal.

Loupmoon in Palworld camp

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Loupmoon: Skills and Abilities

Loupmoon belongs to the Dark element and makes for a formidable opponent in battles, especially after you unlock its Partner Skill ability: "Claws Glistening in the Dark." It allows the Dark Pal to perform ferocious claw attacks on targeted enemies. Once you level up sufficiently, you can even use Loupmoon to battle and capture stronger combat pals like the King of the Forest (Alpha Mammorest).

Loupmoon: Drops

Upon defeat, Loupmoon will drop Bone, a valuable resource for crafting and trade within Palworld. This makes encounters with Loupmoon not only a challenge but also potentially rewarding for resourceful trainers.

Overall, it is a powerful and versatile Pal to have in your party capable of both combat and mining Stone, Ore, and other relevant resources from mining nodes and Stone Pits. So what are you waiting for, better head over to the Bamboo Groves and the Broncherry Area to capture the elusive Pal.

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