Is Palworld Available on Xbox Game Pass?


Is Palworld Available on Xbox Game Pass?

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Pocket Pair's take on Pokémon, RPG, and third-person shooting genre is called 'Palworld'. Players are eager to try the new Microsoft exclusive Pokémon-like game.
If you're wondering if Palworld is available on Xbox Game Pass, here's everything you need to know.

Developed by Pocket Pair, Palworld is the latest excitement in action-adventure RPG gaming. The title brings an open-world experience where survival meets friendship, and every decision shapes your future. In the game, powerful creatures called ‘Pals’ become your friends  or enemies as you navigate the delicate balance between peaceful coexistence and ruthless confrontations with a poaching syndicate. 

The game quietly entered early access on January 19, 2024. Dubbed “Pokemon with Guns,” many players are wondering if it is available on Xbox Game Pass. In this article, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Palworld Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Short Answer: Yes! Starting on 19th January, Palworld will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC. The game will be ready to download when the Gamepass storefront updates, and players around the globe will be able to take part in Pocket Pair's immersive experience. 

Is Palworld Available on Xbox Game Pass?

According to the game’s description, players will be able to “unveil the secrets of this mysterious land, overcome formidable bosses, and build powerful bases.” You’ll be able to do this while using your powerful Pals  to do tasks for you and automate full production lines. 

If you’re someone who loves playing Pokémon, third person FPS, and management RPGs, you definitely need to try out Palworld on day one when it becomes available on Xbox Game Pass. 

What Platforms Is Palworld Available On?

There’s no doubt that Xbox having its own Pokémon equivalent will intrigue many gamers on other platforms, and even more so when it’s revealed that said equivalent has a lot of cute and color mascot-wielding rifles and rocket launchers. 

You’ll be able to play the game on these platforms – 

  • PC (Steam/Xbox Game Pass)

  • Xbox Series X/S

  • Xbox One

As of now, there are no concrete plans for Palworld to launch on PlayStation consoles. The game’s Steam page clearly mentions that there are no intentions for a PS5 and PS4 launch, although Pocketpair has stated that they’ll consider it. This stance mirrors the developer’s approach to previous titles, such as Craftopia, which was also exclusive to the Xbox platform. The possibility of a PlayStation launch comes down to Palworld’s success within the PC and Xbox communities. If the game exceeds expectations and pulls a significant demand from PlayStation fans, we might see a PS5 and PS4 port.

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