Here’s How You Can Pre-load Palworld on Xbox and PC


Here’s How You Can Pre-load Palworld on Xbox and PC

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Pre-loading Palworld on your Xbox console is a fairly straightforward process and it can be done either directly through the console or through the Xbox mobile app.
Palworld only takes up around 6.09 GB on Xbox allowing you to easily store the game and its game data, unlike most other new titles.

Palworld is a monster-catching survival game that incorporates crafting as its core gameplay element. The game is developed by Pocket Pai and it will be available on 29th January for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Players can experience gameplay mechanics from other genres, adding a unique twist to a traditional open-world survival and crafting adventure title. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to preload it on your system so that you can jump right into it on launch day.

How to Pre-Load Palworld on Xbox Consoles and PC?

Thankfully, preloading Palworld seems to be a simple and intuitive process and it can simply be done by the following steps:

For Xbox Consoles

  • Head into the Xbox store from the main menu of your console

  • Find the search icon at the top and type Palworld.

  • From the game’s store page, you will now have to select the option to Install it.

You can also do the same using your Xbox app on mobile:

  • Install the Xbox app and link your Xbox account

  • Find the search option and type Palworld

  • Once you are on the store page, select the “Download to Xbox” option

  • Make sure your console is turned on before you begin this process.

While most new games are turning out to be storage nightmares, Palworld only takes up a mere 6.09 GB of space on your console, allowing you to easily store the game and its data.

For PC

Although the process is pretty simple to do on Xbox consoles, the game currently doesn’t seem to be available for pre-loading on Steam. Players will have to wait for a day and 21 hours to unlock the game, and they are only greeted with an “add to wishlist” option as of now. Here’s how you can preload the game once it goes live.

  • Open Steam and search for Palworld from the search bar

  • Once you get to the Palworld game page, you will find that the “Play” option is now replaced by the “Pre-load” option.

  • All you need to do is click on it to begin preloading your game. Keep in mind that Steam’s hardware requirements recommend players to have at least 40GB of free space.

That is pretty much all you need to do to preload Palworld onto your devices. The game is expected to go live on 19th January at the following times:

  • 12 AM PT

  • 3 AM ET

  • 8 AM GMT

  • 9 AM CST

  • 1:30 PM IST

  • 5 PM JST

  • 7 PM AEDT

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