Here’s How to Fix Your Healing Beams From Failing in The Finals


Here’s How to Fix Your Healing Beams From Failing in The Finals

Surya Kumar
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Many support players in The Finals seem to run into an issue where their Healing Beams seem to have no effect on their teammates.
The following guide will provide you with numerous solutions to try and resolve this frustrating problem.

The Finals has numerous mechanics built into its fast-paced destructive world where the first squad to cash out takes the victory along with thousands in credits. The game allows players to build a variety of load-outs depending on their playstyles and the Healing Beam as the name suggests, is used by support players to replenish the health of their squadmates for a short while. Due to its large health pool, it comes in handy if your team has one heavy build in it.

Recently, players who use the healing beam seem to run into issues where their beams seem to not hit or have any effect on their teammates, which has understandably frustrated many. Let’s jump right in and figure out possible solutions to fix this issue.

How to Fix Healing Beam From Not Working in The Finals?

Unfortunately, there is no official fix currently present in the game that gets rid of the healing beam not working issue in The Finals. However, we can be sure that the devs at Embark are actively working to fix this game-breaking bug. Here are a few methods you can try to resolve this:

  • Restart the game: the healing beam not working could indicate a sudden disruption between the game and the servers. Re-establishing the game’s connection might fix this issue.

  • Check Server Status: Although it is unlikely that the game servers will fail while in the middle of the match, the healing beams not working might be tied to your inconsistent connection to the game servers. Make sure you check the status of servers in your region before you head into a game.

  • Check Your Internet Connection: Before, you rush in to check your connection to Embark’s servers, make sure there aren’t any discrepancies with your ISP. Check your network speed and stability through any speed-testing sites and ask your ISP to reconfigure your router if you run into any connectivity issues.

  • Verify Game Files on Steam: The healing beam not working issue might also be due to broken or missing game files. To fix this, head into your Steam library and locate The Finals page. Click on the Gear icon and open Properties. Find the “verify the integrity of game files” option and let the client fix the issue.

  • Re-install The Finals: If all of the aforementioned methods fail, go ahead and re-install the game to get rid of any corrupt game files. Any other discrepancies with the game will also have increased chances of getting resolved with a clean install.

Those are pretty much all the best ways to resolve the Healing Beams not working issue in The Finals. If the problem still persists, contact Embark support for further troubleshooting.

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