The Finals Loadout Guide: The Best Light Loadouts in the Game

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Finals Loadout Guide: The Best Light Loadouts in the Game</p></div>
The Finals Loadout Guide: The Best Light Loadouts in the Game


The Finals currently has three unique load-outs that are essential to effectively run a squad.
The Cloaking Device Build seems to be the most popular light loadout in The Finals.
The following guide will provide you with three of the best light load-outs in the game.

The Finals provides players with three unique loadouts; Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each plays a vital role in team play and is an essential part of one squad. While you can’t go wrong with any of these types, the most popular one right now seems to be the Cloaking Device Light building a combination of both stealthy and offensive playstyles. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best possible light loadouts in The Finals.

The Best Light Loadouts in The Finals

Loadout 1 

  • Weapon: XP-54

  • Gadgets: Breach Charge, Pyro Grenade, Glitch Grenade

  • Specialization: Cloaking Device

The XP-54 is essentially an MP5 which performs slightly better in medium and long range than most other weapons in the game except dedicated rifles. The breaching charge is perfect for taking down walls and ceilings to immediately reach objective locations. The pyro grenade can also wreak havoc when tossed at the right location, either blocking or burning HP off of enemies. The glitch grenade also works in tandem with the pyro, disabling any enemy gadgets and specializations allowing you to effectively perform your attacks.

Loadout 2

  • Weapon: M11 pistol machine gun

  • Gadgets: Vanishing Bomb, Smoke Grenade, Goo Grenade

  • Specialization: Cloaking Device

The M11 pistol machine gun works great when you’re up close and personal. The gadgets that are present in the loadout all revolve around being a bit stealthy at least before you start running and gunning enemies with the M11. The smoke grenade and the vanishing bomb help greatly when it comes to cover and it can sometimes even be overpowered when timed correctly with the cloaking device. The goo grenade can also effectively arm doors behind you or narrow hallways.

Loadout 3 

  • Weapon: SH1900 or Sword

  • Gadgets: Flex Pick, Stun Gun, Glitch Grenade

  • Specialization: Evasive Dash

This loadout is specifically aimed at being a deadly and unstoppable force during close combat, with the SH1900 shotgun taking the main stage. The evasive dash allows for quick and effective movement and you can catch a lot of enemies off guard when timed properly.  The gadgets also compliment the loadout pretty well with the stun gun helping you single out a target and the glitch greande clearing out enemy gadgets. The flex pick can either be a pyro or a gas grenade for added versatility.

Those are pretty much all the best Light loadouts for The Finals. check out our other guides if you wish to know more about the game's weapons, mechanics and error fixes.

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