Here Are the Best Controller Settings for the Finals


Here Are the Best Controller Settings for the Finals

Surya Kumar
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While the aim assist provided for the controller does help when playing with crossplay, further tweaking your settings will monumentally help you during combat.
The following guide will provide you with the best settings to play The Finals on a controller.
You will also find the best audio and video settings for optimal performance.

Embark Studios’ trending shooter has a fast-paced destructive gameplay style where your environment changes dynamically and adds tons of verticality and special gadgets with unique perks that add to the gunplay. While playing on the controller does help you a little with aim assist, tweaking your controller’s input settings will also help you efficiently take down your opponents. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the best settings to play The Finals on a controller.

Best Controller Settings for The Finals

  • Look Sensitivity Horizontal: 160

  • Look Sensitivity Vertical: 90

  • Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: 60

  • Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling: On

  • Horizontal Look Boost: 300

  • Vertical Look Boost: 160

  • Look Boost Ramp-Up Time: 1 

  • Controller Zoom Horizontal Look Boost: 130

  • Controller Zoom Vertical Look Boost: 60

  • Controller Zoom Look Boost Ramp-Up Time: 1

  • Aiming Inner Deadzone: 5

  • Movement Inner Deadzone: 15

  • Invert Vertical Look Output: Off

  • Look Response Curve: Sinusoidal

  • Look Acceleration: 0%

  • Controller Preset: Directional Equipping

  • Sprint Behavior: Toggle

  • Crouch Behavior: Hold

  • Zoom Behavior: Hold

  • Aim Assist: On

  • Sensitivity Reduction: On

  • Target Tracking: On

  • Zoom Snapping: On

These aforementioned settings will allow you to quickly and accurately snap onto your enemies at both close and long-range gunfights. These presets are provided by YouTuber ISeraph, who has some of the best aim in the game. Feel free to increase your sensitivity if you play the game with crossplay enabled, as the extra sensitivity will help you react faster when dealing with PC players.

To further help you focus on the game, we recommend making changes to the audio as well, so that they aren’t distracting whenever you are engaging in intense battles with your enemies. We would encourage you to turn down the Dialogue Volume by 50% and we also recommend you to leave voice chat in the Push-to-Talk mode to minimize unnecessary callouts.

Apart from this, here are the best video settings for optimal performance:

Display And Resolution

  • Window Mode: Fullscreen (for better performance)

  • Resolution: Your monitor’s resolution

  • V-Sync: Disabled

  • NVidia Reflex Low Latency: On

  • Resolution Scaling Method: Nvidia DLSS

  • Nvidia DLSS: Performance


  • Field of View (FoV): 90 (it’s key to see enemies from further away)

  • Motion Blur: Disabled

  • Lens Distortion: Disabled


  • Overall Quality Level: Custom

  • View Distance: High

  • Anti-Aliasing: Low

  • Shadows: Low

  • Post-Processing: Low

  • Texture: Low

  • Effects: Low

  • Foliage: Low

  • Global Illumination Resolution: Low

Although these settings drop the visual fidelity of the game considerably, they provide the best frame rates and responsiveness for all PCs.

Those are the best settings that you can try if you are playing the game through a controller. Feel free to further customize it according to your preferences such as key-binds, sensitivity settings, etc.

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