Reptryo in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combos, and More


Reptryo in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combos, and More

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Reptyro is one of the most versatile Pals in the game thanks to its excellent combat prowess and its work suitabilities.
Its level 3 mining and kindling suitabilities are further enhanced by its Lucky and Artisan passive skills.
Considering that Reptryo is a Fire and a Ground-elemental Pal, it is found in the volcanic region of Mount Obsidian.

While most Pals excel at menial tasks like Farming, only a select few from Palworld’s vast 130+ creatures are capable of performing versatile functions that involve combat, traversal, and work suitabilities. A standout example of such a Pal is the Fire and Ground-elemental Reptyro, capable of serving as a Ground mount while also boasting its combat skills with the added ability of Mining and Kindling. Let’s jump right in and explore its habitats, states, breeding combinations, drops, and more.

Where Is Reptyro’s Habitat in Palworld?

Reptyro can be found roaming the right half of the Mount Obsidian volcanic region which can be accessed through the Ruined Fortress City, Mount Obsidian Midpoint, Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance, and Foot of the Volcano teleport points, during the day and night. Make sure to equip yourself with Heat-resistant armor to withstand the extremely hot temperatures of this region.

reptryo habitat

Most Reptryos found in this region will be level 30 and above so make sure you meet their level to have a fair chance of capturing them. You can also carry a Grass or a Water-type Pal such as Warsect, Wumpo Botan, Relaxaurus, Jormuntide, Suzaku Aqua, etc., as the Fire and Ground Pal is weaker against them. You can also find them as Alpha Bosses at the end of the Cavern of the Dunes dungeons.

Once you’ve successfully captured Reptyro, you can access its Ore-Loving Beast partner skill which improves your mining efficiency while you are riding it. However, you will need Reptryo’s Saddle (unlocks at level 31)  to use it as a Ground Mount. Here are the required resources to craft one:

  • X20 Leather

  • X20 Flame Organ

  • X20 Ingot

  • X20 Paldium Fragment

You also get access to its excellent active combat skills such as:

  • Volcanic Burst: An exclusive skill for Reptryo where it slams its front legs on the ground, causing volcanic eruptions under its enemies while simultaneously bombarding them with volcanic bombs.

  • Ignis Rage: Charges the surrounding ground which explodes after a short while.

  • Stone Cannon: Hurls a giant boulder at the enemy.

Breeding Combinations for Reptryo in Palworld

Combining the opposite genders of the following Pals will produce a Large Scorching Egg, which must be hatched using the Incubator to spawn a Reptyro offspring.

  • Incineram + Suzaku

  • Cryolinx + Penking

  • Beakon + Mossanda

  • Cryolinx + Grintale

  • Sweepa + Pyrin Noct

  • Beakon + Nitewing

  • Astegon + Cinnamoth

Here are the base stats of Reptyro (Paldeck No 088):

  • HP: 110

  • Defense: 120

  • Melee: 110

  • Shot Attack: 105

  • Food: 5

  • Drops: Ice Organ

Reptryo paldeck

Reptryo also proves to be a valuable worker at your base, boasting its Kindling and Mining Level 3 suitabilities. This enables it to efficiently operate Furnaces, Cooking pots, Heaters, and excavate at Stone Pits. Its ability is further enhanced by its Artisan and Lucky passive skills, the former increasing work speed by 50% while the latter provides a 15% buff to both attack and work speeds.

Additionally, you can also use Reptyro to breed creatures such as:

  • Pyrin + Reptyro = Warsect

  • Ragnahawk+ Reptyro = Quivern

  • Blazamut + Reptyro = Astegon

  • Foxicle + Reptyro = Ice Reptryo / Reptryo Cryst

  • Mossanda + Reptyro = Ragnahawk

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Reptryo in Palworld. Check out Game8’s breeding calculator for more such combinations.

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