How to Breed Jormuntide in Palworld? Habitat, Breeding Combos, Stats, and More


How to Breed Jormuntide in Palworld? Habitat, Breeding Combos, Stats, and More

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Jormuntide is a giant sea serpent that wields both Water and Dragon-type powers, allowing players to use it as a swimming Pal while also serving as an outstanding combat companion.
Apart from breeding it, Jormuntide can also be found as a level 45 Alpha Boss in two locations on the Palpagos Islands.
It is also the best Pal for operating Mills and Crushers at your base, thanks to its level 4 watering suitability.

Palworld features over 130 creatures for you to capture, befriend, or defeat. While most creatures can be obtained easily, special Pals such as the massive sea serpent Jormuntide, requires you to traverse through the harsh biomes of the Palpagos Islands or make use of the game’s breeding system to spawn one. This Dragon-type Pal is arguably one of the greatest Pals in the game, thanks to its versatile abilities such as its skill as a Water Mount, its work suitability, and its excellent combat proficiency. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out its spawn locations, breeding combinations, uses, and more.

How to Breed Jormuntide in Palworld?

Jormuntide can be spawned by combining the opposite genders of the following Pals. You will receive a Huge Dragon Egg which must be hatched using an Incubator. These are the combinations:

  • Cinnamoth + Orserk

  • Grizzbolt + Nitewing

  • Cinnamoth + Cryolinx

  • Penking + Jetragon

  • Helzephyr + Nitewing

  • Mossanda + Helzephyr

  • Beakon + Sweepa

While all of these combinations will produce an offspring of the Water / Dragon-type Pal, the Mossanda, Helzephyr, Nitewing, and Grizzbolt combinations are the easiest, as you will run into this Pal before or during the mid-game stage. 

Furthermore, you can also find the giant Sea Serpent as a Level 45 Alpha boss in two different locations around Palpagos. The first one is on Bamboo Groves Island in a lake (-176, -258), just south of the Investigator’s Fork teleport point, while the second one is located northeast of the Mossanda Forest fast travel point in the Verdant Brook seas (351, -85). Make sure to carry an Ice or an Electric-type Pal such as the Frostallion, Cryolinx, Grizzbolt, Orserk, Beacon, etc., as Jormuntide is weaker against them.

Jormuntide habitat

Once you’ve acquired Jormuntide either by capturing the Alpha boss or through the breeding system, you can now access its Stormbringer Sea Dragon partner skill, which allows you to use it as a Water mount. Any movement in water does not consume stamina, making it the best Swimming Pals available in the game. However, you need to craft a Jormuntide Saddle (unlocks at level 39) before you can use this ability. Here are the required resources to make one:

  • X30 Leather

  • X50 Fiber

  • X50 Ingot

  • X20 Pal Fluids

  • X40 Paldium Fragments

Other Breeding Combinations for Jormuntide in Palworld

You can also use this Water / Dragon Pal to breed creatures such as:

  • Nitewing + Jormuntide = Pyrin

  • Suzaku + Jormuntide = Suzaku Aqua

  • Elizabee + Jormuntide = Repytro

  • Mossanda Lux + Jormuntide = Quivern

  • Penking + Jormuntide = Nitewing

Here are the base stats of Jormuntide (Paldeck No 101):

  • HP: 130

  • Defense: 100

  • Melee: 150

  • Shot Attack: 120

  • Food: 7

  • Drops: Pal Fluids

jormuntide stats

Apart from its Level 4 Watering suitability, it also has outstanding combat skills such as:

  • Aqua Burst: Throws a giant ball of water at the enemy.

  • Draconic Breath: Breathes draconic energy on its enemies, dealing continuous damage.

  • Hydro Laser: Its most powerful ability, shooting water at extremely high velocities, dealing area of effect damage.

That is everything you need to know about Jormuntide in Palworld. Note that some of the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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