Helzephyr in Palworld: Spawn Locations, Uses, Breeding Combos, and More


Helzephyr in Palworld: Spawn Locations, Uses, Breeding Combos, and More

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Helzephyr is arguably the best Pal used for hauling items, thanks to its dedicated Transporting Level 3 suitability and strong passive skills.
Helzephyr also possesses potent combat skills like Flare Storm, Nightmare Ball, and Spirit Flame that are effective until the mid-game stage.
You may also occasionally find Helzephyr in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Palworld contains over 130 creatures spread across the diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands. Apart from their unique skill sets, these Pals belong to nine different elemental types; Fire, Water, Ice, Grass, Ground, Neutral, Electric, Dragon, and Dark. Pals belonging to every elemental type can be hunted down regardless of the time of day, except for nocturnal Dark-type Pals, found only during the night. 

While most early-game Dark Pals such as Hoocrates, Depresso, Daedream, etc., are relatively weaker, you unlock powerful Dark Pals as you progress through the game. One notable example is the Helzephyr, boasting its combat prowess while also being an excellent worker at your base. Without further ado, here are its habitats, breeding combinations, stats, and more.

Where Can You Find Helzephyr in Palworld?

Helzephyr can be captured or taken down by heading to Verdant Brook, located underneath the Astral Mountains and the Dessicated Desert regions up north. You will find them spread across the grasslands at night except for the Frostbound Mountain region. This Dark-type Pal is pretty easy to spot during the night, thanks to its glowing blue wings and the purple flame igniting its head. Here are all the teleport points you can use to get to Verdant Brook:

  • Gobfin’s Turf

  • Mossanda Forest

  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian

  • Sealed Realm of the Swift

  • Snowy Mountain Fork

helzephyr habitat

Most of these creatures can be level 25 and above so make sure you are at a similar level and carry the best weapons and armor from your arsenal. You can also increase your chances of capturing Helzephyr by carrying a Dragon-elemental Pal in your party like Orserk, Relaxaurus, Astegon, etc., as this Dark-type Pal is weaker against them.

Once you’ve successfully captured Helzephyr, you unlock its Wings of Death partner skill, which moderately increases your attack rates and changes your attack type to Dark while you are using it as a mount. However, you need to unlock the Helzephyr Saddle before you can fly around the map on this Dark Pal. Here are the resources needed to craft one:

Breeding Combinations for Helzephyr in Palworld

Helzephyr can also be obtained by combining the opposite genders of the following Pals:

Here are the base stats of Helzephyr (Paldeck No 097):

  • HP: 100

  • Defense: 100

  • Melee: 100

  • Shot Attack: 125

  • Food: 8

  • Drops: Medium Pal Soul, Venom Gland

Helzephyr paldeck

Its dedicated Transporting Level 3 suitability makes it one of the best Transporting Pals in the game when coupled with notable passive skills such as:

  • Swift: Increases movement speed by 30%

  • Legend: Increases attack and defense by 20% along with a 15% buff to movement speed.

  • Burly Body: 20% buff to defense

  • Lord of the Underworld: 20% increase to dark attack damage.

Furthermore, you can also use Helzephyr to spawn several other Pals such as:

  • Mossanda + Helzephyr = Jormuntide

  • Sweepa + Helzephyr = Mammorest

  • Cinnamoth + Helzephyr = Warsect

  • Frostallion + Helzephyr = Frostallion Noct

  • Grintale + Helzephyr = Quivern

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Helzephyr in Palworld. Note that the combinations mentioned above were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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