Here’s How You Can Get the Legendary Frostallion Noct in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Get the Legendary Frostallion Noct in Palworld

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The Frostallion Noct is a derivative of the Legendary Ice Steed which now offers Dark powers while also retaining its aerial ability.
This nocturnal Dark mount can only be acquired by breeding a Frostallion and a Helzephyr of opposite genders.
You can also get Large Pal Souls and Pure Quartz as drops from this Dark Steed.

In Palworld, players can track and hunt down Legendary Pals that contain unique powers and abilities when compared to all the other creatures. Adding them to your Paldeck can be quite the challenge as these formidable foes are difficult to take down and would require strategic weapon usage as well as suitable Pals in your party. The elusive Frostallion is one such Legendary Steed that is considered one of the best flying mounts in the game.

Apart from its regular variant, this Ice elemental Pal also comes with its Dark nocturnal version, aptly named Frostallion Noct, allowing you to yield potent Dark powers when assigned to your Party. However, it can be incredibly rare to come by and many players seem to have no idea how to acquire it. Worry not, as this guide will walk you through the entire process.

How to Acquire the Frostallion Noct in Palworld?

While the regular Frostallion can be captured using the Pal Sphere, there is no way to directly capture the Frostallion Noct in Palworld and it must be acquired through the game’s breeding system. In order to acquire this legendary dark steed, you must breed Helzephyr and Frostallion together in the breeding farm.


The Nocturnal Dark steed gets its name from the Helzephyr, which is the best Transporting Pal in the game. It can be captured only during the night from the large green island in the north of Palpagos Islands and it can be accessed through several fast travel points such as:

  • Snowy Mountain Fork

  • Mount Flopie Summit

  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian

  • Mossandra Forest

  • Gobfin’s Turf

  • Lake Center

  • Hypocrite Hill

  • Ancient Ritual Site


You’ll need to bring a Dragon-type Pal such as Dinossum, Elphidran, etc to easily hunt down and capture it. Once this is captured, you need to hunt down the Legendary Frostallion, which is only available as a Level 50 Alpha Pal in the snowy biomes of the north. You will find it if you spawn at the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point and head west towards coordinates -355, 506. This Steed of Ice has a massive health pool so apart from equipping powerful gear, you also need to take a Fire-type Pal for effective combat.


After you’ve successfully obtained each of the aforementioned Pals with opposite genders, you need to use the Breeding Farm in your base to carry out the mating process and by the end of it, you will acquire a Huge Dark Egg. All you need to do is deposit this into the Incubator to acquire the Legendary Frostallion Noct.

Similar to the Ice-type Pal, this Dark variant can also be used as a Flying Mount, although it requires its own saddle that unlocks at level 48. You will require x120 Leather, x240 Refined Ingots, x60 Venom Glands, and x90 Paldium Fragments to craft it.

Here are all the base stats of Frostallion Noct (Paldeck No 110B):

  • HP: 140

  • Defense: 135

  • Stamina: 300

  • Size: L

  • Melee Damage: 100


Apart from its stats, the Frostallion Noct also has the Black Steed partner skill allowing players to change their attack type to Dark while also enhancing their Dark attack rates while mounted. It also has an impressive Gathering Level 4 suitability, while also providing Pure Quartz and Large Pal Soul as drops.

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