Palworld Breeding Guide: How to Breed Pals, Hatch Eggs, and More


Palworld Breeding Guide: How to Breed Pals, Hatch Eggs, and More

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Breeding Pals in the game requires you to build a Breeding Farm and place Pals of opposite genders in it.
You must also provide your Pals will a cake which will initiate the breeding process and provide you with an unhatched egg.
This egg must then be hatched using an Incubator to complete the process.

Palworld is essentially an open-world monster-collecting game with numerous other mechanics built into it to provide an immersive survival experience for its players. Similar to most other games in this genre, Palworld also has a dedicated system where you can hatch your very own Pals through a Breeding Farm. This guide will help you with the basics of understanding Palworld’s breeding system along with all the requirements to successfully hatch eggs that spawn new Pals. let’s delve into it.

How to Breed Pals in Palworld?

Breeding Pals in the game requires you to place two Pals of the opposite gender into a Breeding Farm to initiate the process. You need to know that the Breeding Farm only unlocks at level 19 and it requires numerous resources to build. These are:

  • X100 Wood

  • X20 Stone

  • X50 Fiber


Once they are placed on the farm, you will notice a pop-up saying that “Love is Blossoming” when you hover your cursor over it. However, this does not complete the breeding and you will have to cook some Cake to begin the process.

To unlock the Cake recipe, you must unlock the Cooking Pot that becomes available at level 17. Here are all the ingredients you need to make one:

  • X5 Flour

  • X8 Red Berries

  • X7 Milk

  • X8 Eggs

  • X2 Honey


While Red Berries can be found through Caprity or Cattiva Pals, the other ingredients except honey can be found in a small nearby settlement. You can also source all of the ingredients yourself if you wish to develop the breeding farm. Flour can be obtained by setting up a Flour Field and a Flour Mill, while eggs and milk can be obtained from birds and dairy-type pals. Honey can also be acquired from honeybee-type Pals.


Once you have successfully provided the cake and your Pals are happy and fed, they will soon lay an egg that now needs to be hatched through the Incubator. This item can be unlocked if your Ancient Technology Points are at level 7 and it will allow you to hatch eggs found in the wild or through breeding. You need to remember that hatching different types of eggs will require you to set specific temperatures in the incubator to ensure faster hatching.

Furthermore, you also get the option to Cross-Breed your Pals which will allow you to create other variants. However, you cannot create an entirely new breed by this process and only Pals that are already present in the game will be spawned.

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