Where to Find Pyrin Noct in Palworld? Powers, Breeding Combos, and More


Where to Find Pyrin Noct in Palworld? Powers, Breeding Combos, and More

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The Pyrin Noct is an elusive Dark and Fire elemental Pal that can be found in the volcanic region of Mount Obsidian exclusively at night.
Apart from being an outstanding Ground Mount, it is also capable of wielding both Dark and Fire elemental combat moves.

Besides its emphasis on survival and crafting mechanics, Palworld’s creatures play a fundamental role in bringing the diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands to life. The game contains around 138 Pals for you to capture and befriend, after which they will gladly work on tasks suited to their own distinct abilities. While most Pals excel at regular tasks, only a select few are capable of effectively traversing through the massive open world, allowing you to establish bases in various regions in the game.

One standout example is the Pyrin Noct, a Fire and Dark elemental pal which is arguably one of the best Ground mounts in Palworld. Let’s jump right in and delve into its habitat, stats, breeding combos, and more.

Where Can You Find Pyrin Noct in Palworld?

Players can find an abundance of Pyrin Nocts in the Volcanic biome located in the Southwestern part of Palpagos Islands. As the name suggests, this Dark Mount is a nocturnal being that can only be hunted at night. While it is sparsely populated in the area left of Mount Obsidian and in the Ancient Civilisation Ruins, you can find plenty of them near teleport points and locations such as:

  • Fisherman’s point

  • Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue

  • Scorching Mineshaft

  • Mount Obsidian Midpoint

  • Destroyed Mineshaft

  • Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre

  • Ruined City Fortress

  • Beach of Everlasting Summer


One thing to keep in mind is that the temperatures in Mount Obsidian can become dangerously high so you will need to equip yourself with Heat Resistant Armor to sustain the heat. We strongly recommend you reach player level 30 and above as most of the Pyrin Nocts you encounter will be of that level. Furthermore, you can also carry a Water or a Dragon-type Pal such as Relaxaurus, Azurobe, Jormuntide, etc, as this ground mount is weak against those elements.

Once you’ve captured Pyrin Noct, you can now access its Black Hare ability, which significantly increases damage while also changing your attack type to deal Dark damage while you are riding this Ground Mount. You will also receive Leather and Flame Organ as drops. Note that you need to craft a Pyrin Noct Saddle to ride this mount and it will require the following resources:

  • X30 Leather

  • X36 Fiber

  • X24 Flame Organ

  • X18 Ingot

  • X30 Paldium Fragment

Breeding Combinations for Pyrin Noct in Palworld

Considering its rarity, this Fire and Dark elemental Pal can only be produced by combining a Pyrin and a Katress belonging to opposite genders. Once obtained, you can also spawn one by breeding two Pyrin Noct; one male and one female. You will receive a Large Scorching Egg which must be hatched using the Incubator.

Here are the stats of Pyrin Noct (Paldeck No 058B):

  • HP: 100

  • Defense: 90

  • Melee: 110

  • Attack: 95

  • Food: 5

  • Work Suitabilities: Kindling Level 2, Lumbering Level 1

pyrin noct paldeck

You can also use the Pyrin Noct to breed several other exotic Pals like:

  • Celaray + Pyrin Noct = Surfent

  • Mossanda + Pyrin Noct = Elizabee

  • Suzaku + Pyrin Noct = Astegon

  • Cryolinx + Pyrin Noct = Helzephyr

  • Penking + Pyrin Noct = Ragnahawk

Apart from possessing Fire and Dark combat skills like Spirit Flame and Ignis Rage, this Pal also has an exclusive ability called Dark Charge, where it charges forwards onto its opponent leaving a trail of Dark Flames behind it. It is also capable of numerous passive skills such as:

  • Lord of the Underworld: Dark Attack damage increases by 20%

  • Flame Emperor: Fire Attack Damage increases by 20%

  • Burly Body: Defense goes up by 20%

  • Ferocious: Attack increases by 20%

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the elusive Pyrin Noct in Palworld. Note that some of the breeding combos were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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