How to Get the Elusive Lily’s Spear in Palworld?


How to Get the Elusive Lily’s Spear in Palworld?

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The Rare Lily’s Spear can be unlocked once players reach Level 40 and spend 3 Ancient Tech points for its schematics.
Apart from its impressive damage statistics, this spear also doubles as a potent mining tool.

Palworld boasts a diverse list of weapons and armor that can be crafted by collecting schematics scattered across the Palpagos Islands. While many players prioritize hunting down Legendary-tier items for their arsenal, the game also features elusive weapons boasting standout characteristics.

One such melee weapon is the Rare Lily’s spear, accessible in the late-game stage. Beyond its impressive damage and quick attack potential, this spear doubles as a versatile tool for mining various ores found across Palworld. Without further delay, let’s delve into the requirements to unlock and craft this exceptional weapon.

Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft Lily’s Spear in Palworld

Players can get access to the Lily’s Spear once they reach level 40 in the Technology Tree. This Ancient weapon requires you to spend 3 Ancient Tech points to unlock its schematics. Once unlocked, you will need the following resources to craft it:

  • X50 Wood

  • X20 Paldium Fragments

  • X20 Ancient Civilization Parts

  • X20 High-Quality Cloth

  • X30 Refined Ingots

lilys spear

While we’ve previously discussed Paldium Fragments, Ancient Civilization Parts, and Refined Ingots, acquiring High-Quality Cloth (unlocks at level 36) will require you to collect Wool that can be obtained from Sheep Pals like Lamball, Sweepa, Cremis, Melpaca, etc. Once you’ve obtained 200 Wool, you need to use a High-Quality Workbench to craft it. 10 pieces of Wool will create 1 High-Quality Cloth. You can also obtain it as a drop by assigning Sibelyx to a Ranch.


After gathering the aforementioned materials you need to place them on Weapon Assembly Line or Weapon Assembly Line 2 to craft it. While the first assembly line unlocks at level 32, you need to reach level 47 to unlock the second one and it will require the following materials:

  • X10 Circuit Boards

  • X30 Nails

  • X100 Refined Ingots

Upon Crafting the Rare Lily’s Spear, you gain access to its remarkable stats such as:

  • Damage: 450

  • Durability: 500

  • Weight: 10

It is also capable of mining numerous ores found across the various biomes of Palworld, however, the game does not list specific statistics for its mining potential. Many players reported that it is certainly a potent alternative for Pickaxes, as its reduced weight increases your overall carrying capacity.


Apart from its relatively high damage and quick attack ability, there is also one other thing that players must keep in mind. The description of this Spear reads “Punishes those who neglect their Pals”, implying that slaying your own Pals with the weapon equipped could drastically reduce its stats. 

Community discourses have sparked debates on this matter, with many players speculating that the spear might be bugged, as it does not seem to reduce its damage even when used against Pals.

Furthermore, players also hold the belief that taking good care of their Pals and rescuing creatures from members of the Syndicate automatically regenerates the spear’s durability. However, these are arguments suggesting that unlisted Ancient Civilisation Parts might be required to repair the weapon. While these considerations are worth noting before crafting the weapon, it’s important to mention that no credible source has confirmed these findings.

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