Palworld Guide: Where to Find Warsect? Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More


Palworld Guide: Where to Find Warsect? Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More

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Warsects can be found and captured from the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary during both the day and night.
They are excellent battle companions till the mid-game stage due to their Hard Armor skill, providing a significant increase in defense along with adding fire damage to your attacks.
They can also be used for efficiently moving resources and for obtaining wood and fiber due to their suitabilities.

The diverse biomes of Palpagos Islands are home to numerous creatures called Pals that you can capture and grow at your own base. Each Pal has its unique powers and skills that you can take advantage of by assigning them specific tasks around your base. One such notable creature is Warsect, a Grass and Ground elemental Pal. It excels at tasks such as Lumbering and Transporting apart from its effective Hard Armor partner skill. Here’s everything you need to know about it such as its spawn points, uses, breeding combinations, and more.

Where Can You Find Warsect in Palworld?

Unlike most Pals, tracking down and capturing Warsect is a relatively easy task, as it is primarily found only in two locations. The first location is the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located on the west of the map, above the volcanic biome. Warsect will be available for capturing during both the day and the night.


Apart from this, you can also find the Alpha boss for this Pal, which is a level 30 Unyeilding Colossus Warsect found in the Sealed Realm of the Stalwart dungeon, right beneath the Gobfin’s Turf fast travel point.

Here are all the base stats of Warsect (Paldeck No 092):

  • HP: 120

  • Defense: 120

  • Food: 6

  • Melee: 100

  • Work Speed: 100

alpha pal

Considering that it is a Grass and Ground element Pal, its only weakness would be Fire-type Pals such as Foxparks, Ragnahawk, Incineram, etc. Once captured, you can use it to enhance your defense stats, while also adding fire damage to your attacks. You will also occasionally get Honey from it as a drop.

Breeding Combinations for Warsect in Palworld

Here are all the combinations you can use to spawn Warsect in Palworld:

  • Nitewing + Relaxaurus Lux

  • Mossandra + Menasting

  • Elizabee + Pyrin

  • Surfent + Cryolinx

  • Mossandra + Lyleen

  • Cinnamoth + Grizzbolt

  • Nitewing + Menasting

If you choose to use Warsect for tasks around your base, they have suitabilities such as:

  • Planting Level 1

  • Handiwork Level 1

  • Lumbering Level 3

  • Transporting Level 3

As you can see, they excel at hauling items and chopping down trees, allowing for an autonomous operation of your village when combined with other Pals. You can also use Warsect to breed other Pals such as:

  • Nitewing + Warsect = Ragnahawk

  • Pyrin + Warsect = Quivern

  • Univolt + Warsect = Grintale

  • Penking + Warsect = Mossandra

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