Can You Get to the Peculiar Gaint Tree in Palworld? Mystery Explained


Can You Get to the Peculiar Giant Tree in Palworld? Mystery Explained

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Palworld encompasses a mysterious Giant Tree found in the Northwestern corner of the map, past the Astral Mountains.
While this region remains inaccessible, some players have successfully glitched their way into the Giant Tree area.
Considering Palworld’s popularity and the developer’s promise of adding new Islands on their roadmap, the Giant Tree area may get unlocked in future updates.

Pocket Pair’s Palworld has made numerous strides ever since its release on 19th January, selling a colossal 19 million copies so far. Apart from offering players a fantastic monster-catching experience, the game also emphasizes survival and exploration as its core gameplay elements. While all the diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands have remained accessible, many are wondering if they can get to the mysterious Giant Tree present in the Northwestern corner of the map, which seems inaccessible to this day. Here’s what you need to know about this tree. 

What Is the Mystical Giant Tree in Palworld?

Numerous discourses have emerged on Steam and other community forums regarding this tree, with several gamers jokingly speculating that it might be a reference to the Erd Tree present in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring with some even agreeing that the resemblance is uncanny. In order to reach closer to this Giant Tree, you need to equip a Flying Mount such as the Shadowbeak, Jetragon, Faleris, etc., and fly past the Astral Mountains in the Northwest direction with the closest teleport point being the Land of Absolute Zero.

giant tree location

Getting to the tree’s vicinity is arguably the biggest journey you will go through in Palworld, as there are no teleport points near it. Unfortunately, as you get closer to the Giant Tree, you will come across an invisible barrier, significantly slowing you down, regardless of how fast your Flying Mount is. Eventually, you will run into a transparent red wall placed by the developers, stopping you from landing on the ground underneath the Giant Tree.

red barrier

However, some gamers have found a way to simply glitch past this red barrier and get even closer to the tree. While this is certainly a time-consuming process, players have also tried building a base at the closest point to the Giant Tree and have exploited the game’s respawn system to get to the tree. Sadly, some also reported that when they attempted to breach past the Red Wall, they were slung to the bottom of the game world, even underneath the water, and were dealt a massive 5000 damage, ultimately resulting in their demise. So, proceed with caution if you are planning on attempting this adventure.

While it might seem enticing to speculate or theorize on the mystery of this Giant Tree, it is entirely possible that it might simply be a decorative asset, serving no real purpose in the game. However, considering the popularity of Palworld and the captivating nature of the Giant Tree, the developers might unlock this area as an expansion or a DLC further down the line, as mentioned in their roadmap.

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