Palworld Guide: How to Catch Legendary Jetragon? Spawn Locations and Breeding Combination


Palworld Guide: How to Catch Legendary Jetragon? Spawn Locations and Breeding Combination

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Jetragon is one of the most powerful Legendary Pals and is extremely difficult to catch if you don't have the right strategy.
Are you wondering how to catch Jetragon in Palworld? Here's our guide to help you to capture and breed this Legendary Pal.

Just like Pokémon, as you progress in Palworld, you want to capture stronger Pals. That's because they can help you battle against the game's most formidable bosses. One of the strongest Pals in the Game is Jetragon, an elusive and powerful creature. However, this fiery dragon is no easy catch, but getting it is extremely rewarding for your adventures. In this article, we'll reveal everything you need to know about Jetragon, its spawn location, breeding combination, and more.

How Can You Find Jetragon in Palworld?

To catch Jetragon, head towards the southwestern volcano region of the map.It can be found at Mount Obsidian in the volcanic region (-789, -321). Remember to wear heat-resistant armor to bear the heart of Jetagon's residence. 

If you want to get to the spawn location of Jetragon, you must unlock fast travel in the game. Once you've unlocked the ability to fast travel, go towards the Beach of Everlasting Summer, which is the closest fast travel point from the Legendary Jetragon's location.

Jetragon Location

How Can You Catch Jetragon in Palworld?

Once you've reached the location of Jetragon in Palworld, you have to indulge yourself in a fight against it to catch it. This Pal will put on a good and tough show against you since it's a Legendary Pal. Here are some tips to help you capture this Pal –

  • Bring Ice-Type Pals – As Jetragon is a Dragon/Fire type, it will take extra damage fromIce-type pals such as Frostallion, Wumpo, Chillet, and Ice Reptyro.

  • Make Use of Long-Range Weapons – Don't forget to bring Assault Rifles to strike down Jetragon from a safe distance without taking heavy blows. 

  • Level Up Your Powerful Pals – When you're facing a Legendary Pal, you must have higher-level Pals, as they can help you survive the assault.

  • Collect Pal Spheres – Legendary Pals are hard to catch due to their low catch rates. You need to carry a lot of Pal Spheres to capture Jetragon once its health drops enough.

When you're battling against Jetragon, you need to take it slow and alternate between ranged weapon strikes and melee Pal attacks until the Legendary Pal is finally defeated. With the right preparation and strategy, you'll easily be able to add this beast to your collection.


Ways For Breeding Jetragon in Palworld

You'd be utterly disappointed if you were hoping for an easier time getting Jetragon in Palworld. To breed one Jetragon, you need two Jetragon parents. That's right, only Jetragon can breed another Jetragon.

If you already have two of these Dragon-type Pals, then you'll require a Breeding Pen to get them to work. With a male and female Jetragon assigned to the Breeding Pen, you can wait for them to breed another Jetragon. In the meantime, you can work on crafting a Cake, which can be created from any cooking station aside from the campfire.

That's everything you need to know about Jetragon in Paworld. For more guides, check out how you can unlock Pal Distillation in Palworld.

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