Faleris Palworld Guide: Spawn Location, How to Catch, Breeding Combinations, and More


Faleris Palworld Guide: Spawn Location, How to Catch, Breeding Combinations, and More

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Faleris is arguably one of the best flying mounts in the game, thanks to its Swift passive skill that increases movement speed by 30%.
It is also notably effective in mid-tier combat, using devastating attacks like Ignis Rage and Phoenix Flare, engulfing your foes in scorching flames.

Palworld features a diverse list of creatures each encompassing various skills and abilities that are suitable for performing various activities. While most Pals are well-versed in carrying out regular tasks, only a select few excel at traversing through the various biomes of the Palpagos Islands. One notable example is Faleris, a fire-type Pal which is arguably one of the best flying mounts in the game. Without further delay, let’s delve into its spawn locations, breeding combos, uses, and more.

Where Can You Find and Catch Faleris in Palworld?

Thankfully, finding Faleris in the Paplagos Islands is a relatively easy task. However, actually getting to its habitat might be quite the challenge if you are in the early to mid-game stages, as it is located in an end-game location. We recommend players be at least level 40 and have access to a Water-type Pal such as Jormuntide or Relaxaurus before attempting to capture it.


Faleris can be found both during the day and night at the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in the northernmost tip of the map with its closest teleport point being the Deep Sand Dunes in the desert biome. Once you get there, you need to head east to reach the sanctuary using a basic flying mount like Nitewing or a swimming Pal such as Surfent. Remember that you will face numerous high-tier Pals along with PIDF soldiers patrolling the area, so make sure you carry the best gear and weapons in your arsenal.

After facing the odds and capturing the Faleris, you will now be able to access its Scorching Predator partner skill, which increases the amount of drops from defeated Ice-type Pals if Faleris is fighting alongside you. You will also get a Flame Organ as a drop from capturing or killing this flying mount. Additionally, you can also try to take down the biome bosses Marcus and Felaris from the Tower of PIDF in the desert biome up north. Keep in mind that they will have a combined HP of 146,975.

Breeding Combinations for Faleris in Palworld

Considering its rarity, Faleris can only be obtained by breeding two other exotic Pals; Vanwyrm and Anubis. You can also get Faleris by combining a male and a female of the same species.

Here are all the base stats of Faleris (Paldeck No 105):

  • HP: 100

  • Defense: 110

  • Melee: 100

  • Attack: 105

  • Food: 8


Additionally, you can also produce several other Pals using this fire-type flying mount such as:

  • Beacon + Feralis = Mammorest

  • Penking + Feralis = Sibelyx

  • Nitewing + Feralis = Sweepa

  • Elizabee + Feralis = Quivern

  • Surfent + Feralis = Wumpo

Apart from its superior aerial traversal, it also has potent work suitabilities such as Level 3 Kindling and Transporting, allowing you to haul resources as well as assigning Faleris to work on Furnaces. Note that the second breeding combos were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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