Here’s How You Can Farm Electric Organs in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Farm Electric Organs in Palworld

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Electric Organs are crucial resources used to power Generators, Pylons, Lamps, and even electric weapons such as Grenades, Batons, and Mines.
Unfortunately, there is no way to automate the process of farming Electric Organs in the game, however, this guide will provide you with the most efficient method to do so.
There are 10 different Electric-type Pals that provide Electric Organs as item drops in Palworld.

Palworld encompasses a colossal amount of resources that can be crafted into various items to ensure the operation of different structures in your bases. While raw materials are used to build these structures, you need a crucial resource called an Electric Organ to power various technologies such as Lamps, Generators, Saddles, and more. It can also be used to create powerful weapons like the Shock Grenade or the Stun Baton. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to create an abundant source of these Electric Organs.

Where Can You Get Electric Organs in Palworld?

As the name suggests, Electric Organs are key resources that generate electricity to power numerous technologies in your base. If you are familiar with Palworld’s mechanics, you already know that these Organs can be acquired by capturing or killing Electric-Type Pals such as:

The easiest Pals to hunt or capture from this list would be Sparkit, Jolthog, Rayhound, and Dazzi, as they are relatively at a lower level and found in abundance. Head in the Northwest direction towards the Desolate Church fast travel point, which serves as the middle point to hunt down Sparkit. You will find an abundance of this electric Pal both in the northern and southern areas from this teleport point.

To capture Jolthog, you need to head to the Small Settlement fast travel point and head to the West to find them in abundance from the desert region all the way to the Bridge of Twin Knights teleport point.

sparkit and jolthog

Finding Rayhound and Dazzi is pretty straightforward as all you need to do is head to the Dessicated Desert on the far North of the Palpagos Islands. You will find both these Pals spread across the entire southern part of the desert which you can access using the PIDF Tower Entrance and Duneshelter teleport points.

rayhound and dazzi

Once you’ve obtained quite a few of these Electric Organs from the aforementioned locations, we recommend you to use any of the respawn points spread across the map after you’ve stored these organs in the chests. Once you respawn, you can head back out into these regions to begin farming once again, thus gathering an abundance of this crucial resource.

If you only require a small amount of Electric Organs, you can also purchase them from any of the Wandering Merchants spread across the map with the closest one located at the Small Settlement teleport point, west of the Plateau of Beginnings. Remember that one Electric Organ will cost you 200 Gold.

What Can You Craft Using Electric Organs in Palworld?

Apart from the previously mentioned items, here’s everything else you can craft using this precious resource:

  • Electric Pylon

  • Emergency Exit Sign Set

  • Electric Mine

  • Ceiling Lamp

  • Jolthog’s Gloves

  • Univolt Saddle

  • Suzaku Saddle

  • Rayhound Saddle

  • Helzephyr Saddle

  • Beakon Saddle

  • Antique Lamp Set

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