Univolt in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More


Univolt in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More

Surya Kumar
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Univolt is an Electric-type Pal that can be ridden as a mount to explore the biomes of the Palpagos Islands.
It is also quite effective until mid-game combat situations thanks to its active skills like Lightning Strike, Shockwave, etc.
Univolt’s Electricity level 2 skill also helps you power numerous machines in your base.

In Palworld, players encounter various types of creatures that complement the survival-crafting elements present in the game. While each Pal serves a unique purpose due to its distinct powers and skillsets, only a select few creatures can be ridden to explore the various biomes of the Palpagos Islands. One notable example is the Univolt, an Electric-type mount that closely resembles a mythical Unicorn. Here's everything you need to know about it, including its spawn points, combat prowess, work suitabilities, and more.

Where Can You Find Univolt in Palworld?

Univolt can be found roaming around the grasslands right underneath Azurobe Hills all the way to the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon fast travel point. You can use the Deep Bamboo Thicket teleport point to roam around and hunt down this electric Pal both during the day and the night. Make sure you bring a Ground-type Pal such as Menasting, Warsect, and Digtoise to increase your chances of capturing this mount.

univolt common

If you are level 30 and above, you can also attempt to take down the Swift Deity Univolt Alpha Pal which can be found in the Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef to the west of the Archipelago Church teleport point (coordinates -117, -543). 

alpha boss

Once you successfully capture it, you can use its Swift Deity partner skill allowing you to deal Electric damage to enemies while you are mounted. It also has numerous active skills like Lock-On Laser, Shockwave, and Lightning Strike, allowing you to zap down and electrocute enemies.

Breeding Combinations for Univolt in Palworld

  • Melpaca + Cinnamoth 

  • Caprity + Nitewing

  • Celeray + Cinnamoth

  • Mozzarina + Mossandra

  • Mossandra + Caprity

  • Eithkyrdeer + Nitewing

  • Eithkyrdeer + Mossandra

  • Tanzee  + Frostallion

Upon successfully completing the mating process via the Breeding Farm, you will receive a Large Electric Egg that must be deposited into the Incubator to spawn this Unicorn-like Pal. Once added to your base, you will get drops such as Horn and Leather apart from its Electric Organ.


Here are the base stats for Univolt (Paldeck No 056):

  • HP: 80

  • Defense: 105

  • Melee: 110

  • Attack: 105

  • Food: 5

Apart from its combat prowess, you can also use Univolt to breed Rare Pals such as:

  • Elizabee + Univolt = Azurobe

  • Celaray + Univolt = Petallia

  • Mossandra + Univolt = Surfent

  • Melpaca + Univolt = Arsox

  • Penking + Univolt = Incineram

  • Nitewing + Univolt = Elphidran

Thanks to its Electricity Level 2 suitability, Univolt is also used to generate electricity that can be stored at Generators to effectively power numerous machines around your base. You can also use it to chop down Wood and Fiber from trees and logging sites due to its Lumbering Level 1 skill. That is pretty much all you need to know about this Electric mount in Palworld. Note that the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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