Here Are the Best Pals for Mining in Palworld


Here Are the Best Pals for Mining in Palworld

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Pals with Mining Suitability will automatically dig up crucial resources like Coal, Ores, and Stone, used for crafting numerous items and structures in Palworld.
This guide will provide you with 14 of the best Mining Pals, depending on your progress through the game.
Blazemut and Astegon are the best Pals for excavating, thanks to their Level 4 Mining Suitability.

Palworld encompasses a diverse list of Pals, each offering unique combat powers along with their ability to carry out various tasks around your base. One such task is Mining, which will allow you to gather precious resources like Ore, Coal, Stone, etc, to craft various items and to construct buildings, further enhancing your settlement. It is a key element in Palworld and thankfully, players can utilize their beloved Pals to excavate these crucial resources for them. Without further ado, here are all the Pals that have the best Mining suitability.

The Best Mining Pals in Palworld

If you are just beginning your adventures in Palworld, we recommend the following Pals:

  • Cattiva

  • Fuddler

  • Lovander

All of the Pals mentioned above have level 1 Mining suitability and they are relatively easy to find and capture. Cattiva can be found in the initial Plateau of Beginnings spawn point while Fuddler can be captured from the northernmost biome in The Furthest Mineshaft. You can get there through the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point. These Pals also have the Transporting ability which means they’ll automatically store all mined resources in the chest at your base, making the job easier for you.


If you’ve made some progress and gotten through the initial stages of the game, you can also try to hunt down Lovander, a nocturnal being that can be found in the northernmost sand biome and also at the Sealed Realm of the Winger Tyrant teleport point. It has outstanding versatility with Level 2 on suitabilities like Handiwork, Medicine, and Transporting.

At the mid-game stage, you can access Pals with Mining Level 2 suitability such as:

  • Penking

  • Mammorest

  • Dumud

  • Tombat

  • Quivern


You can find Penking at No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary on the southernmost part of the map while Mammorest can be acquired from numerous regions like Marsh Island, Forgotten Island, and Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef. Penking is the most versatile creature out of the bunch offering numerous Level 2 skills like Cooling, Handiwork, Transporting, and Watering. Mammorest comes in handy if you also want to chop down Wood along with mining Ores.


Although Quivern can only be acquired from the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, you will find an abundance of Tombats flocking on the entire southern region of the map at night, all the way from Eastern Wild Island to the Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef. Dumud can be found around the Anubis Statue located west of the Mount Flopie Summit teleport point.

Once you’ve made it to the late-game stage, you will now be able to access the best Mining Pals that the game has to offer with level 3 and 4 suitability for excavation. These are:

  • Anubis

  • Digtoise

  • Reptyro

  • Menasting

  • Astegon

  • Blazemut


Anubis is a ground elemental Alpha Pal only found in the Twilight Dunes west of Mount Flopie Summit. Digtoise can also be found in the same region and the Deep Sand Dunes at the northernmost part of the map. While Menasting is exclusive to Wildlife Sanctuary No.2, Reptyro can be hunted down at Mount Obsidian from Ruined Fortress City to Foot of the Volcano teleport points. Digtoise and Reptyro are the best out of the Pals with level 3 mining with the former being solely dedicated to the task with no other suitability and the latter also combining its level 3 Kindling skill, allowing you to automatically obtain Ingots when assigned to a Furnace.

blazemut and astegon

If you want the most supreme Pals for excavating, hunting Down Astegon and Blazemut will prove to be a worthy affair as they have the greatest mining ability (level 4) in Palworld. Thankfully, you can find both in the Volcanic biome down south. While Astegon can be tracked down in the Destroyed Mineshaft, you can find Blazemut at the Scorching Mineshaft, located southwest of the Foot of the Volcano teleport point.

Keep in mind that both these creatures are Alpha Pals and they will definitely put up a tough fight so make sure you carry your best weapons and armor along with an Ice-type Pal for Astegon and a Water-type Pal for Blazemut.

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