Suzaku Aqua in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More


Suzaku Aqua in Palworld: Spawn Location, Uses, Breeding Combinations, and More

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Suzaku Aqua (Paldeck No. 102B) is an exotic hybrid Pal providing its versatility as an efficient worker and an excellent fighter, with the added ability of a potent Flying Mount.
This guide will inform you about Suzaku Aqua’s breeding techniques, its base stats, and possible spawn locations for its Huge Damp Egg.

The enticing biomes of the Palpagos Islands feature a myriad of creatures, each sporting their own unique powers and abilities. While the process of capturing most Pals is pretty straightforward, the game also offers hybrid creatures that can only be acquired from breeding selective Pals. These exotic Pals often feature distinct characteristics from their parents, boasting versatility. The Water-elemental Suzaku Aqua falls under this category, showcasing excellent combat prowess and work skills, with the added advantage of serving as a Flying mount. Let’s jump right in and figure out its habitats, skills, breeding combos, and more.

Where Can You Find Suzaku Aqua in Palworld?

Considering that the Suzaku Aqua is an exotic Pal, it cannot be obtained from the wild and must be spawned by combining opposite genders of Suzaku and Jormuntide to produce a Huge Damp Egg. This egg must then be placed in an Incubator to hatch into a Suzaku Aqua offspring. 

huge damp egg

Additionally, you can also occasionally find these Huge Damp Eggs in the wild. One known spot is located Northwest of the No Man’s Trail, in an old city ruin (-126, 141). You need to equip a Flying Mount like Nitewing, Faleris, Frostallion Noct, etc., and fly around this region to spot the egg on top of the structures. This hybrid Pal is also rarely spotted as an Alpha Boss in Sacred Mountain Cavern dungeons.

no mans trail

Once you’ve acquired a male and a female Suzaku Aqua, you can easily produce as many of these species as you wish using the Breeding Farm. After adding it to your party, you will now be able to access its Wings of Water partner skill, which increases water damage dealt by the player while you are mounted onto this flying Pal. However, you need to unlock the Suzaku Aquad Saddle to do so. Here are the required resources to craft one:

Other Breeding Combos for Suzaku Aqua in Palworld

After acquiring the Suzaku Aqua, you can use it to spawn other Rare Pals such as:

  • Nitewing + Suzaku Aqua = Beakon

  • Elizabee + Suzaku Aqua = Helzephyr

  • Cryolinx + Suzaku Aqua = Suzaku

  • Surfent + Suzaku Aqua = Mammorest

  • Blazamut + Suzaku Aqua = Blazamut

Here are the base stats of Suzaku Aqua (Paldeck No 102B):

  • HP: 125

  • Defense: 105

  • Shot Attack: 105

  • Food: 8

  • Drops: Pal Fluid

  • Work Suitability: Watering Level 3

paldeck suzaku aqua

Suzaku Aqua also has numerous active and passive skills to boast its proficiency in combat and work suitabilities. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Cryst Breath: Active skill that deals continuous damage, covering your enemies in a freezing blast of air.

  • Aqua Burst: Active skill that hurts a giant water ball at your enemy.

  • Blizzard Spike: Active area of effect skill that works by hurling a giant lump of ice at the enemy.

  • Swift: Passive skill that increases movement speed by 30%

  • Lord of the Sea: Passive skill that increases water damage by 20%

  • Burly Body: Passive skill that increases defense by 20%

  • Legend: Passive skill that provides a 20% boost in attack and defense while also providing a 15% increase in movement speed.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Suzaku Aqua in Palworld. If you faced this Pal in combat, you can use an Electric-type Pal such as Grizzbolt or Univolt as this Water-elemental Pal is weaker against them. Check out Game8’s breeding calculator for more such combinations.

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