Palworld Guide: Where to Find Lovander? Stats, Breeding Combinations, and More


Palworld Guide: Where to Find Lovander? Stats, Breeding Combinations, and More

Surya Kumar
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Besides its endless debauchery, Lovander proves to be a potent worker at your base until the mid-game stage, thanks to boasting 4 different work suitabilities.
It also has a unique partner skill called Heart Drain, healing the player and itself for a portion of the damage they’ve dealt together.
Lovander also provides potent item drops such as Strange and Suspicious Juice, Mushrooms, and Flour.

Palworld’s Lovander is probably one of the most popular creatures, thanks to all the memes surrounding its demeanor. Despite its endless pursuit of romance, Lovander proves to be a resourceful Pal, setting aside its debauchery. This Neutral-type Pal arguably has one of the best partner skills in the game, passively healing both the player and itself, which can come in handy while facing formidable threats around the Palpagos Islands. Let’s jump right in and discover its habitats, breeding combos, uses, and more.

Where Can You Find Lovander in Palworld?

Thankfully, it is relatively easy to spot Lovander as its main habitat is the Dessicated Desert on the Northernmost part of the Palpagos Islands. You will find it spread throughout the desert region and you can access it through 4 different teleport points such as:

  • Sand Dunes Entrance

  • Duneshelter

  • PIDF Tower Entrance

  • Deep Sand Dunes


Additionally, you can also spot them in the Twilight Dunes region where the Anubis boss is located. Keep in mind that Lovander is a Nocturnal being and it can only be hunted down at Night. We recommend you carry a Dark-elemental Pal such as Pyrin Noct, Frostallion Noct, Astegon, Vanwyrm, etc as the Neutral-type Pal is weak against them.

Once you’ve captured Lovander, you unlock access to its Heart Drain partner skill which heals itself and the player for a portion of the damage they’ve dealt while fighting together, making it the only active healing Pal during combat. This Pal also has moves such as Power Bomb, Implode, and Acid Rain which are useful until the mid-game stage. Lovander is also capable of granting enticing drops like Flour, Mushrooms, Strange Juice, and Suspicious Juice after it is captured or killed. 

Breeding Combinations for Lovander in Palworld

Thankfully, numerous low-tier Pals can produce a Lovander offspring when kept their opposite genders in the Breeding Farm.  You will receive a Large Common Egg that must be hatched using the Incubator. These Pals are:

  • Sweepa + Lamball

  • Mossanda + Vixy

  • Penking + Jolthog Cryst

  • Mossanda + Cremis

  • Nitewing + Cattiva

  • Incineram + Killamari

  • Cremis + Nitewing

Here are the stats of Lovander (Paldeck No 069):

  • HP: 120

  • Defense: 70

  • Melee: 70

  • Attack: 70

  • Food: 5

lovdander paldeck

Lovander is also a versatile worker around your base, thanks to possessing four different work suitabilities such as:

  • Mining Level 1

  • Handiwork Level 2

  • Medicine Level 2

  • Transporting Level 2

Lastly, this Neutral Pal can also be combined with the following Pals to produce uncommon offspring such as:

  • Incineram + Lovander = Foxcicle

  • Celaray + Lovander = Mozzarina

  • Jolthog + Lovander = Rooby

  • Rooby + Lovander = Vaelet

  • Penking + Lovander = Rayhound

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Lovander in Palworld. Check out Game8’s breeding calculator for more such combinations of Pals.

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