Want to Get the Best Resource Drops in Palworld? Use These Farming Pals!

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Want to Get the Best Resource Drops in Palworld? Use These Farming Pals!</p></div>
Want to Get the Best Resource Drops in Palworld? Use These Farming Pals!


Farming Pals yield diverse resources based on their traits when assigned to graze at any one of your Ranches.
Vixy is one such Pal that can dig up random resources such as Arrows, Gold, and even Pal Spheres. It can be found in the Northern area of the Small Settlement teleport point.

Palworld’s massive list of over 130 creatures comes equipped with distinct traits and skill sets. Keeping aside their proficiency in combat, these Pals are used to carry out various tasks around your base, according to their ‘Suitabilities’ or work skills. One such task is farming, which requires you to assign certain Pals to a Ranch so they graze the fields and provide various resources as drops in exchange. Without further delay, let’s take a look at all the Pals you can use to acquire some of the best resources in Palworld.

The Best Farming Pals to Collect Various Resources in Palworld

To clarify, players need to know that no single Pal can yield all resources when assigned to a Ranch. Instead, there are collective creatures, each offering various resources while grazing the Ranch. Here are all the Pals:


 Wool is a basic material in Palworld, used in crafting items like Beds, Clothing, Outfits, and more. While it can be brought from various Merchant spread across Palpagos, you can acquire an abundance of it by using these three Pals:

  • Lamball

  • Cremis

  • Melpaca


All of these Pals can be easily obtained from the Windswept Hills if you head Northwest from the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point, and also from the Marsh Islands in the east. Apart from providing an abundance of Wool when assigned to a Ranch, you can also use Lamball for crafting products at workbenches and transporting them into chests at your base.


Egg can only be acquired from Chipiki, found right in the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point, and also in other regions such as the Eastern Wild Island, Marsh Island, and Sea Breeze Archipelago Island.



Gold is the main currency in Palworld used for buying numerous resources, schematics, and Pals from Merchants and Black Marketeers. Mau and its subspecies Mau Cryst will provide you with this precious currency and you will no longer have to hunt down enemies to farm them. While Mau Cryst is found in the Northern Astral Mountains, Mau can only be acquired by breeding Pals such as:

  • Cattiva + Chikipi

  • Lamball + Chikipi

  • Chikipi + Cremis

You will receive a Dark Egg after the breeding process, which must be placed into the Incubator to produce a Mau offspring.


Milk, a crucial ingredient used to make Cakes, can only be acquired from Mozzarina, thanks to its Milk Maker partner skill which produces it when assigned to a Ranch. This Neutral-type Pal is located in the southern part of the Bamboo Groves, accessible through the Ravine Entrance and Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Dungeon. You will also find Woolipop in the same area, which will drop Cotton Candy when assigned to a Ranch


Red Berries

This is another important ingredient in several dishes such as Jam-filled Bun, Pizza, Marinated Mushrooms, Chikipi Saute, etc. It is even used in Low-Grade Medical Supplies to heal your Pals. Red Berries can be obtained by farming Caprity, a Grass-type Pal found near the Fort Ruins teleport point and several other locations like:

  • Eastern Wild Island

  • Desolate Church teleport point

  • Small Settlement teleport point

  • Ice Wind Island

High-Quality Cloth

High-quality cloth is used to craft several outfits such as Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armors, Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armors, Refined Metal Armors, Pal Metal Armors, Giga Glider, etc. This material can be acquired by hunting down and capturing Sibelyx which must then be placed in a Ranch for continuous production of this cloth.  This Ice-type Pal is found on the northern part of the Astral Mountain accessible through the Pristine Snow Field and Land of Absolute Zero teleport points.

High-Quality Cloth

Flame Organ

The Flame Organ is a key ingredient used to craft several items like Fire Arrows and Bows, Saddles, Heat Resistant Armors, Cooking Pot, Furnaces, and More. Apart from acquiring them by taking down Fire-type Pals, they can also be farmed by assigning Flamebelle to a Ranch. It is mainly found in the volcanic Mount Obsidian region accessible through fast travel points such as Ruined Fortress City, Mount Obsidian Midpoint, and Foot of the Volcano.



While Honey can be acquired as drops from Cinnamoth, Elizabee, and Warsect, only Beegarde is capable of producing a continuous flow of it at the Ranch. This creature can be found all throughout the Verdant Brook Island except the Frostbound Mountains. This large green island is accessible through teleport points such as:

  • Snowy Mountain Fork

  • Sealed Realm of the Guardian

  • Mossanda Forest

  • Gobfin’s Turf

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