Here’s How You Can Craft the Decal Gun Set In Palworld


Here’s How You Can Craft the Decal Gun Set In Palworld

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The Decal Gun is a decorative Ancient weapon in Palworld that is used to adorn your walls with decals of your beloved Pals.
Unlocking this peculiar gun requires you to reach Tech Tree level 42 and unlock the Decal Gun Set, giving you access to craft 5 different Decal Guns.

Beyond its diverse array of creatures, Palworld emphasizes crafting and survival elements by providing its players with numerous resources spread across the Palpagos. While each material and the items crafted from it serve a unique purpose, Palworld also features decorative items for you to enjoy during the late-game stage. A notable example of such an item is the Decal Gun, used to adorn your walls with paintings of your beloved Pals. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into the materials required to craft this peculiar gun.

How to Craft the Decal Gun Set In Palworld?

In order to craft the Decal Gun, you need to reach Technology Tree Level 42 and spend 1 Ancient Tech point to acquire its schematics. Once obtained, here are the necessary resources to craft it:

decal gun set

While Ingots can be acquired from smelting Ores in a Furnace, Paldium Fragments can be gathered by breaking down Blue Paldium Nodes typically found around water bodies in the Palpagos Islands. Although Ancient Civilization Parts are mostly collected by defeating Alpha Pals, you can occasionally get them as drops from Pals with the “Lucky” passive skill.

Polymer is relatively harder to acquire when compared to other items on the list, as it requires High-Quality Pal Oil, an item dropped after taking down Dragon-type Pals such as Dumud, Digtoise, Flambelle, Mammorest, Relaxaurus, etc. You can also purchase this oil from Wandering Merchants for 300 Gold each.

Once you’ve obtained Polymer using your Production Assembly Lines, you are ready to craft the Decal Gun Set using either a Weapon Workbench or Weapon Assembly Lines 1 and 2. Remember that unlocking the set will grant you access to craft 5 different Decal Guns, each painting a different Pal Decal when you fire it. You will require the same resources mentioned above to craft each of them. Here are the stats for all five guns:

  • Price: 33,000

  • Weight: 8

  • Workable Amount: 40,000

  • Magazine Size: 99

decal ink

Although these guns come with ammo by default, you need to craft Decal Ink which requires x1 Pal Fluid and x1 High Quality Pal Oil. You can create this ink using any weapon or item workbenches as well as on weapon or production assembly lines. You can use these Decal Guns on any surface and even on your Pals to paint them. Keep in mind that these effects are only temporary and they will wear off after some time.

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