Digtoise in Palworld: Habitats, Uses, Breeding Combinations and More


Digtoise in Palworld: Habitats, Uses, Breeding Combinations and More

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Digtoise is arguably the best mining Pal in Palworld, thanks to its level 3 Suitability in Mining and its array of potent passive skills.
Players who craft Digtoise’s Headband can activate its Drill Crusher partner skill, which drastically improves its already impressive mining speed.

There are over 130 creatures that roam the varied biomes of the Palpagos Islands, each equipped with unique skills and powers that can be used in different ways. While several Pals are versatile enough to carry out multiple tasks like Grizzbolt and Bushi, only a select few excel at dedicating all their efforts to one specific work type, performing it efficiently. 

One notable example of such a Pal is the Ground-elemental Digtoise, widely regarded as the best mining Pal in the game. Let’s jump right in and explore its spawn locations, powers, stats, breeding abilities, and more.

Where Can You Find Digtoise in Palworld?

Digtoise can only be found in two locations on Palpagos Islands. The first is in the Northernmost end of the Desert in the Furthest Mineshaft, accessible through the Deep Sand Dunes teleport point. The second is the smaller desert region containing the Anubis Statue, Southeast of the Ice Wind Island. You can get there using the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant teleport point. 


You will also find a Digtoise Alpha Boss if you teleport to Investigator’s Fork (-212, -206) and head to the east using a flying mount such as Faleris, Nitewing, Beakon to easily spot a Cave located at -148, -174. We recommend you to carry a Grass-type Pal such as Warsect, Vaelet, or Wumpo Botan for capturing Digtoises in the wild and for its Alpha Pal variants, as its Ground-elemental powers are weak against them.

alpha pal

Upon successfully capturing or killing them, you will receive Ore and High-Quality Pal Oil as drops. Keep in mind that apprehening this Pal will also unlock access to its Drill Crusher partner skill, which make significantly puffs its already impressive mining speeds. However, you need to craft a Headband for Digtoise to activate this partner skill. Here are the required resources:

  • X20 Leather

  • X30 Fiber

  • X50 Stone

  • X10 Ingot

  • X20 Paldium Fragments

Breeding Combinations for Digtoise in Palworld

Combining the following Pals will produce a Rocky Egg that must be hatched using the Incubator to produce a Digtoise offspring. These are:

  • Penking + Nox

  • Woolipop + Cinnamon

  • Mossanda + Tanzee

  • Mossanda + Flopie

  • Woolipop + Penking

  • Arsox + Melpaca

  • Nitewing + Killamari

Here are the base stats of Digtoise (Paldeck No 067):

  • HP: 80

  • Defense: 120

  • Melee: 80

  • Attack: 95

  • Food: 5


Furthermore, you can aslo use Digtoise to create several other Pals like:

  • Gumoss + Digtoise = Gorirat

  • Cryolinx + Digtoise = Cinnamoth

  • Mossanda + Digtoise = Bushi

  • Tanzee + Digtoise = Vaelet

  • Celaray  + Digtoise = Broncherry

As you already know, Digtoise is one of the best Pals that you can use for excavating Ores and other resources, thanks to its Level 3 Mining suitability. Its abilities are further enhanced due to its passive skills such as:

  • Artisan: Work speed increases by 50%

  • Mine Foreman: Increases Player Mining Efficiency by 25%

  • Stronghold Strategist: Increases Player Defense by 10%

  • Logging Foreman: Increases Player Logging Efficiency by 25%

  • Motivational Leader: Player speed increases by 25%

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Digtoise in Palworld. Note that the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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