Here’s How You Can Gather Honey and Create a Honey Farm in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Gather Honey and Create a Honey Farm in Palworld

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Honey is a key ingredient in making Cakes that are given to Pals during the breeding process.
Honey can only be obtained from four types of Pals in the game.
Developing a Honey Farm requires you to capture a Beegarde and assign it to a Ranch.

Japanese developer Pocketpair took the gaming community by storm by releasing Palworld, a derivative of the Pokemon franchise encompassing various other survival and crafting elements into its gameplay. The game has numerous resources that players can gather from its environment, and each of them serves a specific purpose. 

One such crucial resource is Honey, a key ingredient in making Cakes that are essential for breeding various Pals in the game. Unlike other items, this sweet nectar can be quite difficult to find which is exactly where this guide comes in. Let’s jump right in and figure out where you can get Honey along with building a small farm for it in Palworld.

Where Can You Find Honey in Palworld?

As mentioned above, gathering Honey can be quite a challenge as the game doesn’t exactly guide you through it, and unlike other games, you will not find any beehives in Palworld. Well, the only way to obtain this sweet nectar in Palworld is by defeating or capturing certain Pals such as:

  • Cinnamoth

  • Beegarde

  • Elizabee

  • Warsect

cinnamoth forest

If you are level 20 and below we recommend you hunt down the Cinnamon as they are easier to take down when compared to the rest of the Pals. They are mainly found in the aptly named  Cinnamoth Forest in the central area of the map where they fly around in the grass during the day. You can begin your search from the Lake Center fast travel point.


Although the Cinnamoth is the easiest way to obtain Honey, you cannot develop a Honey Farm by capturing it. The next best and probably the most reliable option would be to hunt the Beegarde, which are commonly found on the large green Island on the northern part of the map. You can expect to find them throughout the region from the Snowy Mountain Fork fast travel point to the Gobfin’s Turf point in the south.

Beegarde habitat

The Beegarde usually roam around in groups and are often accompanied by the Elizabee so all you need to do is track down and capture them. Keep in mind that, you’ve got to act swiftly as the Beegardes do tend to self-destruct themselves. After capturing them with the Pal Sphere, you can construct a Ranch using 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber and assign the Beegarde to work in it, thus creating your very own Honey Farm. Although the production of Honey is slower when compared to resources like Wool, this is still the best way to farm it.

While you can still obtain Honey from Warsects, you need to know that they are pretty tough to capture or defeat. Furthermore, they work better as your companion or even as laborers on your base. You can occasionally find them at the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary above Mount Obsidian on the western edge of the Palpagos Islands. You will also find a Warsect Boss at the Gobfin’s Turf if you wish to capture it.

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