Where Can You Find the Black Marketeer in Palworld? All Locations


Where Can You Find the Black Marketeer in Palworld? All Locations

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Apart from selling your unwanted Pals to the Black Marketeer, you can also purchase rare and exotic Pals that are prohibited from sale.
This guide will provide you with the locations of 14 Black Market Traders in Palworld along with their nearest fast travel points.
If you wish to take the devious route, you can also sell captured humans to the Black Marketeer in exchange for Gold.

In addition to the Pal Merchant, Palworld also allows its players to explore more clandestine and less legal ways to sell their abundant hordes of Pals. You can venture out into different regions of the Palpagos Islands to find Black Marketeers who are willing to buy your unwanted Pals from you, albeit for a relatively low price. While the cost may be hefty, you can also buy exotic high-tier Pals that are otherwise prohibited from sale. Let’s cut to the chase and uncover the locations where these shady dealers operate.

All Black Marketeer Locations in Palworld

While many players don’t realize this, you can find 14 different black market traders scattered all throughout the Palpagos Islands. Here’s where you can find them:

Black Marketeer 1

Once you head out from the Plateau of Beginnings toward the Northwestern side of the map, you will find a Black Marketeer past the Fort Ruins and north of the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance teleport point.

Black Marketeer 1 and 2

Black Marketeer 2

Upon traveling to the Small Settlement fast travel point, you need to head in the Southwestern direction alongside the coast of the biome to find the second trader. You can also get there from the Seabreeze Archipelago Church teleport point if you head east, but you will need a Water-type Pal to cross the seas between these locations.

Black Marketeer 3

Teleport to the Desolate Church point and follow the path towards the Abandoned Mineshaft to find this Black Marketeer.

Black Marketeer 3

Black Marketeer 4

You will find this black market trader in the Eastern Wild Island on the north, just below the desert biome. You simply need to teleport to the Eastern Wild Island point and head west to spot this dealer in the vicinity of an Isolated Island Cavern.

Black Marketeer 4

Black Marketeer 5

Venture out into the large green island in the northern central region of Palpagos Islands to find this Black Marketeer located south of the Sealed Realm of Swift, beside a Mountain Stream Grotto, right underneath the end of the Frostbound Mountains.

Black Marketeer 5

Black Marketeer 6

From the Mount Flopie Summit, head west to find this shady dealer just past a Mountain Stream Grotto.

Black Marketeer 6

Black Marketeer 7

You will find this black market trader in the northern desert biome, in the northwest direction from the PIDF Tower Entrance teleport point towards the Secret Mineshaft

Black Marketeer 7 and 8

Black Marketeer 8

Finding this shady dealer is pretty straightforward. From the same desert region up north, teleport into the Duneshelter fast travel point to spot him standing on the very northern edge of the cliffs.

Black Marketeer 9

Travel to the snowy mountains in the Northwestern part of the map and teleport to the Icy Weasel Hill point. Follow the path up north to find the black market trader at the very end of the trail.

Black Marketeer 9 and 10

Black Marketeer 10

From the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance, head north into the grasslands and continue past a Mountain Stream Grotto. You will find the dealer on the very edge of the map, almost where the sea begins.

Black Marketeer 11

This is one of the most difficult points to reach as there are no teleport points nearby, to make things easier we recommend you take a flying mount such as Faleris, Suzaku, Nitewing, etc to easily spot this trader. From the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower Entrance, fly directly to the northern side past all the frost-covered mountains till you reach the grasslands. You will find this Black Marketeer on the very edge of the grasslands beside the ocean.

Black Marketeer 11

Black Marketeer 12

This Black Marketeer is located between the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant and Deep Bamboo Thicket teleport points. The closest way to get to this is by following the bridge from the Sealed Realm dungeon and heading to the right after it ends to find a Cove Mineshaft. Walk slightly to the left of this mineshaft to find this trader.

Black Marketeer 12

Black Marketeer 13

This one is located in the Volcanic biomes of Mount Obsidian down south. All you need to do is teleport to the Ruined Fortress City and head slightly to the west side to find the Black Marketeer.

Black Marketeer 13 and 14

Black Marketeer 14

In the same Volcanic region, teleport to the Beach of Everlasting Summer and head south alongside the shores to find the final Black Market Trader.

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