Palworld Lunaris Guide: Where to Find? Breeding Combinations, Uses, and More


Palworld Lunaris Guide: Where to Find? Breeding Combinations, Uses, and More

Surya Kumar
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Lunaris is a Neutral-type Pal with the Antigravity partner skill, allowing it to manipulate gravity and increase your max carrying capacity.
It is also an efficient worker with a Level 3 in Handiwork along with Level 1 Transporting and Gathering skills.
This guide will provide you with its breeding combinations and the location of its Alpha Pal dungeon.

The massive biomes of Palpagos Islands are home to numerous exotic creatures, each with its own unique abilities. Commonly known as Pals, these animals can be hunted down or even befriended to carry out various tasks around your base. While we’ve previously discussed the best Transporting Pals and Mining Pals, none are as elusive as Lunaris -  a rare Neutral-type breed that is capable of performing gravity-defying moves. If that piques your interest, let’s cut to the chase and figure out its spawn points, breeding combos, uses, and more.

Where Can Capture Lunaris in Palworld?

Unlike most other Pals, Lunaris cannot be obtained by scouring through specific regions. Capturing it can be quite the ordeal as it is only found as a Level 32 Alpha Pal inside the Sealed Realm of the Esoter dungeon in the Sea Breeze Archipelago Island in the southern part of the map. You can get there using the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach respawn point and traverse to the northwest to find the dungeon.

lunaris location

Considering that Lunaris is a Neutral-type Pal, we recommend taking Dark elemental Pals such as Incineram, Tombat, Frostallion Noct, Mau, etc to help you during combat. We also recommend you to be at least level 30 so that you have a fair fight against this Alpha boss. The Extraterrestrial Lunaris has 2,436 HP and it will withstand a considerable amount of damage before it gets weakened for you to capture. Make sure you also carry an abundance of Pal Spheres to prevent any chances of it escaping.

Once captured, the Lunaris offers you its Antigravity partner skill that manipulates gravity and increases your max carrying capacity, giving you the chance to hoard several items while scouring for resources. It can also occasionally drop Paldium Fragments, a key ingredient to make more Pal Spheres.

Breeding Combinations for Lunaris in Palworld

Although you can only capture Lunaris after taking down its Alpha version in the dungeon, the game offers an alternative by allowing players to spawn this Neutral Pal using its breeding system. Here are all the combos to acquire a Lunaris offspring:

  • Dazzi + Robinquill

  • Celaray + Tocotoco

  • Celaray + Fuack

  • Melpaca + Fuack

  • Rooby + Direhowl

  • Caprity + Killamari

  • Celaray + Pengullet

lunaris paldeck

Once the mating process is carried out through a breeding farm, you will receive a Large Common Egg that must be hatched using an Incubator. Here are the base stats of Lunaris (Paldeck No 063):

  • HP: 90

  • Defense: 90

  • Melee: 80

  • Attack: 100

  • Food: 2

Apart from the aforementioned stats, Lunaris also has a work speed of 100, allowing you to efficiently carry out tasks around your base. It has three work suitabilities such as:

  • Gathering Level 1

  • Transporting Level 1

  • Handiwork Level 3

While Gathering and Transporting are nothing to brag about, its Handiwork skill is quite effective to craft various items and build structures in your settlements. Note that the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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