Menasting in Palworld: Spawn Location, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More


Menasting in Palworld: Spawn Location, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More

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Menasting is a Ground and Dark-elemental Pal that provides potent defensive abilities and buffs to the player in addition to its outstanding combat proficiency.
It also has Artisan, Earth Emperor, and Lord of the Underworld passive skills, which increase its Work Speed along with Ground and Dark attack damage.
You can find Menasting’s level 44 Alpha Pal in a Mineshaft in the Dessicated Desert region up north.

The diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands are home to over 130 creatures, each boasting their own unique powers and skills. While most of these Pals can handle menial tasks and are decently proficient at combat, only a select few of these combat Pals possess potent defensive abilities as well.

A standout example of such a Pal is the Ground and Dark-elemental Menasting, possessing the Steel Scorpion defensive partner skill added with passive buffs. Without further ado, let’s delve into its habitats, uses, breeding combinations, and more.

Where Is Menasting’s Habitat in Palworld?

Thankfully, locating Measting in Palworld is a relatively easy task, as it is only found in the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary both during the day and night. You must equip yourself with a water-type Pal such as Surfent or a Flying Pal such as the Faleris, Nitewing, Frostallion Noct, Astegon, etc, to cross the seas easily.

menasting habitat

You also need to make sure that you are at least level 40 and above as most Pals found in the sanctuary are higher-tier and might be difficult to take down. You will also have to face PIDF infantry soldiers, so be equipped with the best weapons and armor from your arsenal. To make the fight easier, carry a Dragon or a Grass-type Pal such as Relaxaurus, Warsect, Wumpo Botan, Orserk, etc, as Menasting is weaker against them.

Additionally, you can also try to hunt down the Level 44 Unstoppable Stinger Menasting found in the Dessicated Mineshaft dungeon in the Northernmost desert region of the Paplagos Islands. You need to fast-travel to the PIDF Tower Entrance and head south towards the mineshaft (515, 94). After capturing or defeating both the Alpha Pal or Menasting found in the wild, you will receive Venom Glands and Coal as drops.

menasting alpha pal

Once captured, you get access to Menasting’s Steel Scorpion partner skill, which increases player defense and the number of items received after killing an electric-type Pal. you also access potent combat skills such as:

  • Rock Lance: The enemy is attacked by a sharp rock spear that emerges from the ground. Deals massive damage.

  • Nightmare Ball: Hurls a giant ball of darkness at the enemy.

  • Stone Cannon: Digs up a massive stone boulder and hurls it at the enemy.

Breeding Combinations for Menasting in Palworld

Combining the opposite genders of the following Pals will produce a Menasting offspring:

  • Cryolinx + Pyrin

  • Paladius + Mossanda

  • Penking + Blazamut

  • Necromus + Mossanda

  • Paladius + Nitewing

  • Blazamut + Cinnamon

  • Mossanda + Shadowbeak

Here are the stats of Menasting (Paldeck No 099):

  • HP: 100

  • Defense: 130

  • Melee: 100

  • Attack: 100

  • Food: 7

menasting paldeck

You can also use Menasting to breed several other Nocturnal, Grass, and Ground-type Pals such as:

  • Cryolinx + Menasting = Helzephyr

  • Mossanda + Menasting = Warsect

  • Elizabee + Menasting = Mammorest

  • Lyleen + Menasting = Lyleen Noct

  • Penking + Menasting = Ragnahawk

Apart from this, Menasting also has Lumbering Level 2 and Mining Level 3 work suitabilities which are excellent even at the end-game stage. Note that the breeding combinations were provided by Game8’s breeding calculator.

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