Sai Mohan


Mohan is a passionate scriptwriter who covers the Indian gaming community through engaging and informative videos. With a passion for esports and a deep understanding of the industry, he aims to tell compelling stories that intrigue both hardcore fans and newcomers.

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The Story Of Jonathan: The MVP

2 months ago
Jonathan being the mascot in the foreground along with his MVP moments  in the background.

The Story Of Scout: The Maestro

2 months ago
Scout being the mascot in the foreground along with a few key moments of his in the background.

The Story Of Rakazone Gaming: The Man Who Refuses To Give Up.

2 months ago
Rakazone being the mascot in the foreground along with a few key moments of his in the background.

The Story Of BGMI: India's Favorite Game

2 months ago
Various BGMI characters being engaged in fight and showcased as the mascots for the "Story Of BGMI"

The Story Of Binks: The Uphill Journey

4 months ago
Binks being in the foreground as a mascot with all his pivotal moments in the background.

How CS:GO Helped Build Indian Esports

4 months ago
Scout, Ankit Panth and Forsaken being the faces for various tales of CS:GO in India.

The Infectious Vibe of Jod Gang: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Their Gaming Community Stardom

4 months ago
Goldy, Sentinel, Binks, Tbone and Fa2 being presented as the members of the Jod Gang.

The Story Of Tbone

4 months ago
An image of Tbone in the foreground with pictures of all his key moments in the background.

The Journey Of Kani Gaming

4 months ago
Images of Kani Gaming streaming and playing games.

How EA botched Apex Legends Mobile

5 months ago
Representation of how EA sabotaged Apex Legends Mobile themselves.

2023: The Year of Esports Revolution in India

5 months ago
Indian esports athletes "SK Rossi", "Hector" and "Crowley" being showcased as the potential ambassadors for Indian esports in 2023.  

How to Join Soulcity For GTA V RP

5 months ago
S8ul "Goldy" and VLT "Sentinal" being portrayed as the face of Soulcity RP Server.

Types of Hacks and Cheats In Valorant

6 months ago
Visual representation of how a wall hack would look from a hacker's point of view in Valorant.