The Story Of BGMI: India's Favorite Game

Sai Mohan
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Battlegrounds Mobile India, A game which has managed to build a separate fan base for itself. This sensational battle royale has captivated millions of fans since its launch and still continues to do so. If you are wondering how BGMI achieved such fandom, then let us give you a brief history about the game.


It all started in 2018, when Krafton had announced that they would be launching the mobile version of their popular PC title “PUBG: Player Unknown Battlegrounds” under the name of PUBG Mobile. The news of such a popular title coming to mobile has created a lot of hype and PUBG Mobile lived up to that.

After the launch of PUBG Mobile, the game has started to garner a lot of attention in India and soon became a household name. But in September 2020 the Indian Gaming Community got hit with shocking news that PUBG Mobile was banned for security and privacy concerns. 

But Krafton was quick to understand that with the rising esports scene in the country, India needed its own battlegrounds and that was when in 2021 they had launched Battlegrounds Mobile India. A game made for India and India alone, And this gave birth to India's favorite game.


BGMI hosts a very lively esports culture, with highly competitive leagues and tournaments attracting millions of enthusiastic viewers and along with that giving a chance to many talented players to showcase their skills. With professional teams and organizations battling it out for the fame and throne to be the best esports team in India, the stakes are always high. And this very thing has given rise to a new era of competitive gaming in India, elevating the status of professional gaming and inspiring new players.

Furthermore, BGMI has collaborated with many content creators, forging partnerships that have enhanced the gaming experience. These collaborations brought in exclusive in-game items and many special events featuring popular YouTubers. By focusing both on the esports front and the influencer oriented content, BGMI has managed to create a niche for itself and that is how it has achieved such massive success.

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