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Kani Gaming is known for her engaging streams. But beyond her impressive gameplay and enchanting personality, Kanika had a great impact on the Indian Gaming Community. If you have ever wondered how Kani gaming started her journey then we have got you covered.


It might come as a surprise to you that Kani Gaming never intended to enter the field of Gaming. Back in the day when PUBG Mobile was on the rise everyone wanted to try their hand at it and that was exactly what had happened with Kanika. She along with her friends started playing the game on a regular basis and eventually she realized that she had a nag for gaming and that is when she had decided to start streaming PUBG Mobile on her Youtube Channel.


The initial streaming phase for Kani Gaming was filled with obstacles, Initially due to the lack of a proper PC setup kanika used to stream through her mobile with the help of a MacBook which used to lag a lot and that further made her life hard.

The other thing which she used to struggle with was “Self-Consciousness”. She had mentioned that she was very shy and self conscious until she hit 100K on YouTube. After  hitting the landmark Kani Gaming decided to start streaming with Facecam which helped her to connect with the audience in a better way.


For any streamer to grow through the ranks they need a medium of support that will get them through the hurdles. In Kanika’s case they were HYDRA CLAN and LOCO which helped her a lot during her initial days. Kanika also stated that the role of Hydra and Loco in her life has been one of the most important and crucial for her success as a creator.

"Live streaming" is what started off as a casual hobby for Kanika, and has now become the reason for millions to smile and relish every day. With the undying support from her fans, she aims to reach newer heights.

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