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Tbone has been an integral part of the Indian Gaming Community for a long time now, Owing to his funny and charming personality he is absolutely loved by the audience. Similar to his streams, his journey too is a very interesting one.


September 2017 is when Tbone entered the world of streaming. Initially he was so shy that he wouldn't even turn his facecam on, But with time he got comfortable facing and interacting with the audience which further led to the growth of Tbone as an entertaining streamer.

Tbone started his streaming journey with the fan favorite title “CS:GO”, and further spread his wings with many other popular titles like PUBG PC and Grand Theft Auto 5. Up until a point his growth was decent enough to get him some new audience but it was when he started streaming “Valorant '' he received a huge boost and that led to the advent of the JOD.


The transition of Tbone from a shy streamer to an out-and-out entertainer was something we have loved witnessing, and through this transition Tbone’s decision to start streaming GTA RolePlay was a game changer.

The audience only knew Tbone as an entertaining personality on stream, but with the inception of GTA RolePlay streams the audience got to witness Tbone as a very funny and witty In-Game character in the form of “Joseph Chacha” which helped him to attract a wider spectrum of audience apart from the group of people who were only interested in the FPS games.

The way Tbone had maintained a perfect balance between FPS Games and AAA games proved to be the reason behind his roaring success, and that is why people love to call him the JOD.

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