How CS:GO Helped Build Indian Esports

Sai Mohan
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Scout, Ankit Panth and Forsaken being the faces for various tales of CS:GO in India.</p></div>
Scout, Ankit Panth and Forsaken being the faces for various tales of CS:GO in India.


AFK Gaming

Undeniably CS:GO(Counter Strike: Global Offensive) has played a huge role in the growth of esports and gaming culture in India. In the initial days of the Indian esports circuit, most of the players preferred CS:GO over any other title for their possible career in esport. But what made CS:GO stand apart from the other? What was its role in the growth of gaming in India? Let's get some answers!!!

For The Community and By The Community

Most of the people ponder upon the fact that “How Did CS:GO become so relevant?”. Well the reason for that is, In addition to its competitive gameplay, CS:GO is also known for its vast community of content creators and modders.

Counter Strike has a dedicated In-Game workshop that allows different players to create and share their own custom made skins, maps and lots of other content. Over the years the community has managed to produce innumerable mods and plugins.

CS:GO's Role In Indian Gaming

Gaming in India has seen a tremendous growth over the years, It is no longer considered as just a “Timepass” anymore. But back in the days when Gaming wasn’t so popular, It was CS:GO that brought gamers together. It was a time when the “Cafe Culture” was on the rise and people wanted something competitive to try their hand at, and CS:GO offered just that. With a lot of local and international tournaments CS:GO quickly rose to fame in India and since then there was looking back.

CS:GO has revolutionized the Indian Gaming industry by providing the right amount of competitiveness and fun, introducing a new and fresh world for both the experienced  and beginners alike.

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